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Y Soft introduces five new features in YSoft SafeQ 5, 2/11/2014
In January Y Soft proudly launched the new version of the YSoft SafeQ print management solution at the Hilton Hotel in Prague. YSoft SafeQ 5 includes several completely new features and numerous improvements to existing ones, all designed to ensure YSoft SafeQ meets our customer´s needs. Let´s have a brief look at them:
Photostory: YSoft SafeQ 5 launch ceremony at Hilton Prague, 2/6/2014
You have surely noticed that the new version of YSoft SafeQ is here. On January 30 we welcomed over 200 guests from around the world to the Hilton Hotel in Prague, where we introduced the key YSoft SafeQ 5 updates and celebrated the launch of the new version of our product.
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Great interest in YSoft SafeQ 4


Over 800 partners and clients have downloaded trial version of YSoft SafeQ 4 and almost 90 of our existing clients have already upgraded to the new YSoft SafeQ 4.
Since the release of YSoft SafeQ 4, our partners have had the opportunity to download a free version for their corporate needs (e.g. to test new functionality) and for pilot projects of their potential clients. They can therefore try YSoft SafeQ 4 before actually buying it.
Only two months after the release of our new product YSoft SafeQ 4, over 800 partners and clients have downloaded and installed the free one-month trial version of YSoft SafeQ 4. Almost 90 of our existing clients have already decided to upgrade from the previous version to the new YSoft SafeQ 4 and can now enjoy such new functionality as mobile printing, rule-based print and multilevel billing codes.
We believe that the launch of this product in the Americas, Asia and Australia will further boost these figures.
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