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Y Soft introduces five new features in YSoft SafeQ 5, 2/11/2014
In January Y Soft proudly launched the new version of the YSoft SafeQ print management solution at the Hilton Hotel in Prague. YSoft SafeQ 5 includes several completely new features and numerous improvements to existing ones, all designed to ensure YSoft SafeQ meets our customer´s needs. Let´s have a brief look at them:
Photostory: YSoft SafeQ 5 launch ceremony at Hilton Prague, 2/6/2014
You have surely noticed that the new version of YSoft SafeQ is here. On January 30 we welcomed over 200 guests from around the world to the Hilton Hotel in Prague, where we introduced the key YSoft SafeQ 5 updates and celebrated the launch of the new version of our product.
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Our satisfied clients are proof of the high quality and effectiveness of the YSoft SafeQ print management solution

UniCredit Bank Slovenia

„Using YSoft SafeQ, we cut our printing costs and paper consumption. Central monitoring and accounting has increased our productivity and effectiveness.“

Primož Žibert from Information Technology Department
UniCredit Bank Slovenia

RPG Real Estate

„Thanks to the optimization of our print environment using Konica Minolta MFPs with YSoft SafeQ, we managed to reduce the cost of printing and copying operations by 30%. Because of this steep reduction in costs, we expect ROI within two years.“

Karel Hercík, ICT Director
RPG Real Estate

Volksbank CZ, a.s.

„High-quality print and copy services with the highest level of reliability are one of the basic requirements for the functioning of our bank. Six hundred fifty employees use the printers to make more than 250,000 copies per month. The majority are monochrome prints in a classic A4 format. Hundreds of copies are made in A3 format.“

Igor Dobrický, head of the bank’s IT department
Volksbank CZ, a.s.

Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

„The introduction of YSoft SafeQ produced a major positive shift in the printing and copying services we offer our students, faculty and staff. We are the first to offer printing and copying as a paid service to the university community. We have increased convenience for all our users and are able to monitor use and costs of all equipment across our entire system“

Lukáš Rychnovský, Head of Development Services System
Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

Raiffeisen Bank International, Slovenia Office

„Perhaps the biggest benefit has been the cost-savings. Y Soft SafeQ allowed us to get an in-depth picture of how we were printing. This justified our decision to move from expensive local printers to cost-efficient MFPs serving work groups. We always knew that we were printing a lot, but could never create a clear picture of how much, who, and what, along with the associated costs.“

Ivan Senekovic, IT & C System Administrator
Raiffeisen Bank International, Slovenia Office


„Due to YSoft SafeQ, T-Mobile succeeded in obtaining all the advantages provided by network printing. The volume of printing operations has already been reduced by simply being able to monitor usage.“

Kateřina Šuvarinová, Director of Sales Support and Customer Service

Technologies, OKD a.s.

„OKD places an emphasis on high quality, functionality and stability in the supplied solution. These were the reasons we started using the YSoft SafeQ solution, with the option of purchasing an extended four-year warranty for the terminals. The Enterprise edition implemented at OKD ensures maximum availability and security of the print environment because Y Soft SafeQ is installed on multiple servers in multiple locations.“

Ing. Karel Smyčka, Deputy director CSS Information
Technologies, OKD a.s.

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