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We are bringing the GeeCON conference to the Czech Republic!, 6/13/2014
Have you dreamed that one day you would also be able to visit the famous developer conference GeeCON in the Czech Republic? This dream will become a reality in the fall. We have decided, in cooperation with GeeCON’s organizers, that together we will introduce this successful concept for the first time outside the borders of Poland, namely in Prague.
Videoflot received a 30 million CZK investment from Y Soft Venture Capital and is planning to expand in America, 6/5/2014
Brno’s spin-off, Videoflot, first came to public attention with the viral video "Rider on the Highway", released soon after their formation, in the spin-off accelerator, Starcube, in 2012. This was only the start of their success. They then won third place in the Vodafone competition – The Idea of the Year 2012 – which guaranteed them participation in the prestigious biannual spin-off accelerator in Chile, South America. In 2013, Videoflot built up a stable platform of customers. An investment of 30 million CZK from Y Soft Venture Capital, which systematically supports promising spin-offs, will help Videoflot to open up to new opportunities in other markets around the world.
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Y Soft is here to redefine the way how the world prints!


Enterprise businesses and organizations

Y Soft is the technology leader for large organizations with print networks that span many branches and locations. Our distributed print management technologies enable enterprises to optimize printing, copying and scanning at their headquarters and across all branches and locations, wherever they are.

Our focus on providing lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), higher ROI (Return on Investment), stringent security, and responsive 24/7 customer support enables us to fulfil our mission for the enterprise segment.

Small and medium businesses (SMB)

The SMB segment is competitive and budget-driven. At Y Soft, our mission is to find ways to deliver – within budget – the most value to our customers. Whether through optimal financing, technology advantages, ease of deployment or outstanding customer service, Y Soft is dedicated to providing complete satisfaction for our SMB customers.
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