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Y Soft expands into the field of 3D printing and invests into be3D, a Czech manufacturer of 3D printers, 11/6/2014
be3D, a Czech manufacturer of 3D printers, received a strategic investment. Brno company, Y Soft, invested into the Prague start-up, they also acquired a 51% share of be3D. The connecting of be3D to Y Soft is the result of several months of negotiations, which took place in the United States of America, where be3D has been expanding in recent months thanks to CzechAccelerator. The amount of the investment has reached 45 million crowns with the promise of an additional 20 million crowns in the event of the expected growth of the company. David Miklas, the founder of the company, remains the head of be3D.
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Our values

The Y Soft Six Attitudes

All Y Soft employees constantly strive to embody the Y Soft Six Attitudes — regardless of their business unit, job role or geographical location. These six fundamental principles provide employees with the foundation required to deliver the utmost customer satisfaction and attain ever-higher levels of performance and professional growth. What’s more, our employees are evaluated and compensated based on how well they exhibit these six critical attitudes.

Be energetic

Have the energy to initiate new things, take action, and drive progress. Always be flexible and able to adapt to change quickly. Be a self-starter and able to work independently. Have the confidence to promote your ideas and persuade others.

Energize others

Use your excitement to help energize others — both those you work with inside the company, as well as your customers and suppliers. Motivate others to think outside the box and come up with new ideas.

Be open

Be open to ideas no matter where they come from. Encourage and support collaboration across teams and organizations. Be willing to participate in discussion, even if you initially disagree. Welcome different points-of-view and try to see things from the perspective of others. Promote others’ ideas whenever possible. Give constructive feedback to co-workers — and always be willing to receive constructive feedback yourself.

Work hard

Strive for high performance at all times. Deliver results that exceed expectations. Be productive and efficient. Proactively seek new tasks and challenges. Look for ways to develop new processes, meet higher standards and save costs. Be a team player. Be great at your job and make things happen.

Be enthusiastic

Have a passion for Y Soft. Be optimistic and create a positive atmosphere wherever you go. Have a “can-do” attitude and seek positive solutions. Quickly bounce back from failures and learn the lessons that will help you succeed next time. Spread the Y Soft spirit inside and outside the company.

Keep promises

Follow through on all your promises. Be realistic when agreeing on deadlines — keep in mind that others’ tasks depend on timely completion of your tasks. Once agreed upon, always meet your deadlines. Live up to the trust placed in you by those inside the company, as well as by your partners and customers. Above all, never prioritize business over ethics.

Additional Y Soft values

Built upon the foundation of the Y Soft Six Attitudes, the Y Soft Values expand to encompass our history, our customers, our employees and our vision. Together, they form the unique DNA of Y Soft culture.

Focus on the customer

We value our customers above all else. Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We are here for our customers.

Long-term sustainability

We are committed to long-term goals and objectives, rather than short-term profit. We invest in our customers. Hard work and a customer-centric approach is the path to success. We continuously seek to improve.

Unlimited possibilities

We don’t have problems, only challenges. The fact that something may seem impossible does not prevent us from doing it. From our advanced technologies to our innovative processes, Y Soft has a history of achieving that which others considered impossible.


Y Soft is one global family, without boundaries. Though the Y Soft Group consists of many different legal entities, we are one company that shares the same values and vision — as well as our processes, products and attitudes. What we learn in one part of the world is shared and put to use in the rest of the world.
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