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Our vision

At Y Soft, our vision is to build a Czech global company

We want to become an example for the economies and entrepreneurs of Central and Eastern Europe, so that our region can have global companies that are built from the ground up and headquartered here.
We know how difficult it can be if affiliated companies cannot change or adapt as they need to. One only has to look at the hundreds of subsidiaries, divisions and outposts of large foreign entities. At Y Soft, we believe in learning from the mistakes of the past and finding better ways to do business as a result. Though Y Soft is headquartered in the Czech Republic, we work and act like there are no borders. We call this “boundless” value.

True global reach is a never-ending inspiration and growth opportunity for individuals and companies. What we learn in one part of the world helps us in the rest of the world. We look for the business opportunity in mature markets and invest in the future economic strength of developing and emerging markets.
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