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Go Green!

Worldwide paper consumption is constantly growing - paper use has reached almost 400 milions of tons of paper per year

Even the rapid development of modern information transfer technologies and data storage centers cannot hold back ever-growing consumption of paper. Electronic archives, mail and the Internet cannot compete with printed documents being churned out in every company. Environmental stewardship and preservation of natural resources is becoming a priority and a strategic initiative for companies of all sizes and types. 

Uncontrolled paper consumption

An uncontrolled print environment, without effective print management in place, consumes disproportionately large amounts of paper through unnecessary printing. Implementation of the YSoft SafeQ print management solution, along with employee training, saves up to 30% of printing, copying and scanning costs. In addition to the cost and time savings, YSoft SafeQ enables companies to provide greater environmental stewardship by reducing paper consumption and saving trees that would otherwise have to be cut down.

Go green, stop unnecessary printing

Forests are a vital component of the earth’s ecosystem. They help clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Yet our forests are disappearing rapidly. Statistics show that 17 trees must be cut on average to produce a single ton of paper—yet one ton of paper only meets the printing needs of 10 to 15 employees. Y Soft offers conscientious businesses a tool to reduce unnecessary printing and help ensure long-term sustainability.

Accurately measure your company’s environmental benefits

With YSoft SafeQ, any business can measure and provide exact figures on how many trees, as well as how much water and CO2 emissions, have been saved thanks to responsible conduct. In addition, YSoft SafeQ’s Green Reports feature gives you precise ecological indicators such as how many jobs sent to print have been deleted and how many were re-directed to black-and-white or duplex printing.

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