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Y Soft introduces five new features in YSoft SafeQ 5, 2/11/2014
In January Y Soft proudly launched the new version of the YSoft SafeQ print management solution at the Hilton Hotel in Prague. YSoft SafeQ 5 includes several completely new features and numerous improvements to existing ones, all designed to ensure YSoft SafeQ meets our customer´s needs. Let´s have a brief look at them:
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What is YSoft SafeQ?

It is the unique print management solution that gives you total control over printing, copying and scanning throughout your company

YSoft SafeQ delivers comprehensive management and administrative control of all printing, copying and scanning operations. It provides high levels of security for all documents, cost savings, conservation of environmental resources, and greater convenience for users.

Save costs, time and the environment

With YSoft SafeQ, your company enjoys complete control over printing, copying and scanning. YSoft SafeQ enables the administrator to define fixed rules and allocate roles to specific employees within the company. How a user can print is defined by their role—for example, those with accounting roles may only be allowed to print in black-and-white, while those with marketing roles may be allowed to print in color. This helps enforce responsible behavior and leads to lower costs and fewer wasted resources.  

Make printing easier and more convenient

With the YSoft SafeQ print solution, users print and scan faster and more easily, saving them time that they can spend on other tasks. Features such as mobile print, Print Roaming and Private Cloud give you total independence—you can print from the airport, from a restaurant or from home. You can pick up the print job wherever you are within your corporate network—on another floor in your building, at a location across the city, or even in another country. Central administration lets the administrator control an unlimited number of locations from a single place, and settings are automatically applied to other locations and subsidiaries. In addition, scanning is simpler than ever. With one touch of a button, your document is sent to your email inbox or to a folder you have specified. As YSoft SafeQ increases convenience and boosts productivity, many of the problems you may have experienced in the past are eliminated.

Protect your data and access to multifunction printers!

Protecting sensitive data and controlling user access to multifunction printers is critical. That’s why YSoft SafeQ ensures that users of MFPs are always identified through ID cards, passwords or PINs—and the system controls their access and rights. Users can pick up their print jobs at the printer of their choice, because YSoft SafeQ makes it possible to print safely, anywhere. The YSoft SafeQ solution can also precisely account and report the details of all jobs for each printer. Educational institutions and other organizations can use YSoft SafeQ to charge for printing.

Making the MFPs think!

YSoft SafeQ is a proven print management solution available worldwide through a partner network. Currently more than 8000 organizations in 100 countries are enjoying the solution’s many benefits.

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