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European Technology Symposium, 3/4/2015
It is our pleasure to invite you to the 4th annual Honeywell European Technology Symposium scheduled to be held on March 11th, 2015 at the Hotel International, Brno, Czech Republic.
Olivetti/YSoft SafeQ 5 Chosen as Print.IT Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, 2/12/2015
February 12, 2015 – Brno, Czech Republic – Y Soft, a leading global print management and 3D printing solution provider, today announced that Print.IT magazine selected the Olivetti/YSoft SafeQ 5 solution as the Editor’s Choice Award for 2015. Olivetti is a Y Soft partner and offers the YSoft SafeQ 5 print management solution to enterprises through its network of dealers who are authorized and trained under the Olivetti Best for Solutions program.
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Health care

Robust printing solution and protection of sensitive documents

Segment specifics

Hospitals and clinics are dependent on printed and electronic documents such as medical reports, prescriptions and medical records. Lives are often at stake, so documents must be available at a moment’s notice. Medical documents are also highly-confidential and highly-regulated, so access must be protected—and limited to those authorized to see it.

Client needs

In addition to controlled access through user authentication and high-availability printing, it is critical to make printing easy and convenient for all users. Medical facilities are constantly trying to reduce costs of care, including those associated with printing, and are looking for centralized control and reporting. Last but not least, hospitals and clinics are trying to become better environmental stewards.

Print environment prior to YSoft SafeQ

Typically, the health care print environment is very heterogeneous. The client is using a variety of printers, ranging from small table printers to large multifunction printers (MFPs). User access control has not been introduced or is incomplete, and printing costs cannot be controlled on a central basis. Without this control, confidential documents can be exposed or lost and unnecessary printing abounds.  

YSoft SafeQ as a customized solution

With the YSoft SafeQ Enterprise edition, hospitals and clinics gain a robust, high-availability print environment, using capabilities such as failover and load balancing among YSoft SafeQ servers. That means that if one server fails, another server automatically takes over—and the user does not experience any disruption.

Legacy ID card systems, passwords or PINs can be used for user identification on all MFPs. With the Print Roaming feature, documents sent to print are printed only after the user authenticates at the printer of their choice. This feature makes printing easy and convenient for the user and provides better protection for confidential documents. In addition, users can add frequently printed documents to Favorites and print them any time with a single touch of a button on the printer. A wide variety of reports are available, by user, department or for the entire facility. Reports can be customized to the organization’s specific needs.

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