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Y Soft introduces five new features in YSoft SafeQ 5, 2/11/2014
In January Y Soft proudly launched the new version of the YSoft SafeQ print management solution at the Hilton Hotel in Prague. YSoft SafeQ 5 includes several completely new features and numerous improvements to existing ones, all designed to ensure YSoft SafeQ meets our customer´s needs. Let´s have a brief look at them:
Photostory: YSoft SafeQ 5 launch ceremony at Hilton Prague, 2/6/2014
You have surely noticed that the new version of YSoft SafeQ is here. On January 30 we welcomed over 200 guests from around the world to the Hilton Hotel in Prague, where we introduced the key YSoft SafeQ 5 updates and celebrated the launch of the new version of our product.
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Industry and manufacturing

Stable, flexible print management solution with unique features that make printing more convenient

Segment specifics

The industrial and manufacturing segment includes many companies of different sizes, plants making machinery and electronics, and the entire automotive sector. These businesses usually occupy several detached buildings in industrial zones. While office support and management are usually concentrated in one building, the actual component production, packaging and logistical preparation of products are situated in different buildings. The printers and copy machines must always be available to all users who pass between buildings, as well as across several floors in a single building.

Client needs

With increased cost pressure on this segment, one major objective is to consolidate the print environment, link printed documents to users and ensure flexible work with printers. Easy sharing of documents among predefined groups such as teams, shifts or departments is also critical. The print environment must also remain stable throughout the network.

Print solution prior to YSoft SafeQ

Multifunction printers (MFPs) are usually dispersed throughout many different buildings and not controlled in any centralized way. Without centralized control, no breakdown of print, copy and scan costs or cost allocation between cost centers is possible. Employees move among buildings frequently, but can only pick up their print jobs at their local printer—not wherever it is most convenient. Frequent print server failures also may result in complications or production issues.

YSoft SafeQ as a customized solution

With the YSoft SafeQ print solution, user authentication can be accomplished with legacy ID cards that employees already use to access buildings and offices and to pay for meals. Authentication enables users to retrieve print jobs at any printer within the network regardless of the location—because the document is printed only after the user has been authenticated.

For document sharing among work groups, YSoft SafeQ provides an easy solution in the form of shared queues. One user sends the document and other authorized users can print the document as well.

With YSoft SafeQ, industrial and manufacturing enterprises gain complete control over all operations done on all MFPs. Once this smart printing solution has been installed, the result is substantial cost savings for the client and a positive environmental impact.

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