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Y Soft expands into the field of 3D printing and invests into be3D, a Czech manufacturer of 3D printers, 11/6/2014
be3D, a Czech manufacturer of 3D printers, received a strategic investment. Brno company, Y Soft, invested into the Prague start-up, they also acquired a 51% share of be3D. The connecting of be3D to Y Soft is the result of several months of negotiations, which took place in the United States of America, where be3D has been expanding in recent months thanks to CzechAccelerator. The amount of the investment has reached 45 million crowns with the promise of an additional 20 million crowns in the event of the expected growth of the company. David Miklas, the founder of the company, remains the head of be3D.
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Large corporations

Reliable, centrally controlled print management solution to reduce costs and make printing easier and more convenient

Segment specifics

Regardless of the area they operate in, large global enterprises have similar needs when it comes to the criteria of quality and transparency in the print environment. Large businesses such as banks and financial institutions, industrial and manufacturing firms usually have one central building and many different remote locations either within one country or internationally. These businesses employ thousands of people for whom convenient printing, copying and scanning are key everyday requirements.

Client needs

Global corporations need a robust set of features, a stable and secure print environment, the flexibility and convenience of multifunction printers (MFPs) for many types of users—as well as the ability to track and control costs across the entire organization.

Print environment prior to YSoft SafeQ

Large corporations usually have sophisticated IT networks, however, many lack a centralized administration and reporting system for the print environment. Subsidiaries pay printing costs themselves, there is no consistent user authorization system, and no records are kept of the number of pages printed by departments, locations or the entire enterprise. Downtime – whether of independent printers or the whole system – is frequent, so users’ work is interrupted and there are delays while technical issues are resolved. Advanced features are lacking, so work is often less efficient than it could be and this makes users less productive than they could be.

YSoft SafeQ as a customized solution

YSoft SafeQ delivers several unique features ideal for global enterprise customers. Complete centralized control over the entire print environment and detailed information about usage enable companies to optimize their print environments across the entire enterprise. And YSoft SafeQ can be integrated with third-party applications such as SAP.

  • The Rule-Based Printing feature allows administrators to define roles that are applied to users based on their printing needs - for instance, some users may be restricted to only black-and-white printing.
  • The Authentication feature keeps sensitive information safe and helps ensure compliance with regulations.
  • The Private Cloud feature makes keeping the entire environment up-to-date easy - and it can be done from a single central location. Changes of settings can be pushed out to all MFPs within the print environment, regardless of location, saving time and resources.
  • Mobile print allows users to print even when they are away from the office using their smartphone or tablet.
  • Centralized reporting makes it easy to keep track of print costs and savings, by user, department, location, or in total. Reports can also be customized for specific needs.
  • Green reports quantify the number of environmental resources saved by using YSoft SafeQ - from trees to water to energy.
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