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Y Soft introduces five new features in YSoft SafeQ 5, 2/11/2014
In January Y Soft proudly launched the new version of the YSoft SafeQ print management solution at the Hilton Hotel in Prague. YSoft SafeQ 5 includes several completely new features and numerous improvements to existing ones, all designed to ensure YSoft SafeQ meets our customer´s needs. Let´s have a brief look at them:
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Central management of print environment for central office and numerous subsidiaries

Segment specifics

Most telecommunications companies have many locations. To ensure fast communication, all the locations and the central office are connected with a high-speed network. These companies are also extremely sensitive to anything that compromises reliability or stability of the IT network, including the print environment. Centralized administration and control, protection of printed documents and print cost savings are of key importance.

Client needs

Printing, copying and scanning costs are a major expense in the telecommunications industry. They require complete control over the operation of multifunction printers (MFPs). They want the ability to authenticate users at the printers and, depending on the rights allocated to the users, allow them to print, scan or copy.

Print solution prior to YSoft SafeQ

A typical telecommunications company employs as many as 12,000 people who typically print 1.4 to 7 million pages every month. Many local printers are spread across different offices and large MFPs are available in more public areas for employees to use. In this environment, it is difficult to protect printed information and documents pile up in printer output trays where anyone can pick them up. Without the ability to assign rights and roles—or track printing centrally—it is not possible to manage printing costs or ensure documents are secure. As a result, costs are far higher than they should be.

YSoft SafeQ as a customized solution

YSoft SafeQ has a robust set of features to meet the requirements of telecommunications companies. With the YSoft SafeQ print management solution, companies can gain control of their print environment and its costs, protect sensitive documents, and make printing, copying, and scanning easier and more convenient for all types of users.

Legacy ID card systems can be used for user authentication on all MFPs to help control access to documents. Administrators can use the Rule-Based Printing feature to define how users are allowed to print. For example, some users may only be allowed to print in black-and-white and duplex. Additional time and resources are also saved with a scanning module that automatically sends a document to e-mail or a user’s folder with a single touch of a button.

Finally, the Private Cloud feature allows administrators to push out updates or set print parameters for the entire print network easily, saving time and reducing chance of error. Load balancing and failover ensure a stable, high - availability print environment - critical in the telecommunications industry.

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