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European Technology Symposium, 3/4/2015
It is our pleasure to invite you to the 4th annual Honeywell European Technology Symposium scheduled to be held on March 11th, 2015 at the Hotel International, Brno, Czech Republic.
Olivetti/YSoft SafeQ 5 Chosen as Print.IT Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, 2/12/2015
February 12, 2015 – Brno, Czech Republic – Y Soft, a leading global print management and 3D printing solution provider, today announced that Print.IT magazine selected the Olivetti/YSoft SafeQ 5 solution as the Editor’s Choice Award for 2015. Olivetti is a Y Soft partner and offers the YSoft SafeQ 5 print management solution to enterprises through its network of dealers who are authorized and trained under the Olivetti Best for Solutions program.
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YSoft SafeQ in use

YSoft SafeQ provides a robust feature set to make your work easier. Here are some of the ways YSoft SafeQ benefits you

Rule-based printing

In her role as IT administrator, Lenka’s has been asked to restrict color printing to employees who work in the Marketing Department.

With YSoft SafeQ, Lenka can go to the user-friendly Web interface and accomplish this task with just a few clicks of the mouse. Lenka can easily set printing rules and apply them to specific users or departments. Most staff must now always print in black-and-white, and only the Marketing Department will be able to print in color.

Secured print

Monika works in a busy office and sends dozens of documents to print every day. Printed documents from her colleagues are accumulating on printers and Monika cannot separate them from her own documents.

With YSoft SafeQ, Monika’s print jobs are only printed after she goes to the printer and uses her ID card or PIN to authenticate.


Claire is a nurse at a city hospital. Among other things, her job involves completing a variety of standard forms.
YSoft SafeQ enables Claire to add these forms to her Favorites folder and print them at any MFP in the hospital. She doesn’t have to return to her PC to resend jobs that are in her Favorites folder—they are automatically available at the MFP.

Reporting and accounting

As a junior assistant, David’s main job is to monitor printer-related costs. Every month he has to submit reports to the IT manager with costs allocated to different departments.

David can customize reports and have them automatically sent to his e-mail in the format he chooses. YSoft SafeQ reports can include information about each department and individual users.

Print Roaming

Susan is in a hurry; she needs to print a document and the meeting starts in a couple of minutes. When she gets to the closest printer, her colleague is printing a large document.

Susan knows that with the Print Roaming feature, she can pick up her document at any printer in the building, so she picks up her document at the printer in front of the conference room.

Credit system

Martin is a university student who, thanks to YSoft SafeQ, can copy and print by using his ISIC card, which is charged with credit to pay for his student accommodation and cafeteria meals. He tries to use the card but it doesn’t have enough available credit on it.

To recharge his account on the ISI card, Martin inserts cash into the recharging stations installed in the university buildings. Martin can also use the cashless Paypal gateway or charge his account from his credit card.

Managing the print environment from a central point

John is an IT director who needs to consolidate the print management for dozens of locations and one head office. Changing settings manually is inefficient and time-consuming for him and it is easy to make a mistake. 

The new Private Cloud feature enables John to administer the entire print environment - across all locations - from a single point. Any changes made to the system on his PC in the central office will be automatically applied to other locations as well.

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