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We are bringing the GeeCON conference to the Czech Republic!, 6/13/2014
Have you dreamed that one day you would also be able to visit the famous developer conference GeeCON in the Czech Republic? This dream will become a reality in the fall. We have decided, in cooperation with GeeCON’s organizers, that together we will introduce this successful concept for the first time outside the borders of Poland, namely in Prague.
Videoflot received a 30 million CZK investment from Y Soft Venture Capital and is planning to expand in America, 6/5/2014
Brno’s spin-off, Videoflot, first came to public attention with the viral video "Rider on the Highway", released soon after their formation, in the spin-off accelerator, Starcube, in 2012. This was only the start of their success. They then won third place in the Vodafone competition – The Idea of the Year 2012 – which guaranteed them participation in the prestigious biannual spin-off accelerator in Chile, South America. In 2013, Videoflot built up a stable platform of customers. An investment of 30 million CZK from Y Soft Venture Capital, which systematically supports promising spin-offs, will help Videoflot to open up to new opportunities in other markets around the world.
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Install YSoft SafeQ Easily

Installing YSoft SafeQ is easy and intuitive for almost anyone

No changes to, or reinstallations of, legacy applications are needed. And YSoft SafeQ can be integrated with existing third-party applications.

Easy installation

No additional applications are needed to install and configure YSoft SafeQ. YSoft SafeQ integrates with existing applications such as payment or clearing systems and scanning applications, as well as with Active Directory, Novell e-Directory, and GroupWise systems.

Smooth integration with third-party systems

YSoft SafeQ works seamlessly with a variety of university accounting/credit systems. YSoft SafeQ also integrates with law firm systems (for example, PCLaw) via data export, LAN fax servers (such as RightFax, FerrariFax, FaxChange, Streem), scan management solutions (NSi Autostore, Nuance ScanFlowStore, DigiDocFlow, eCopy, Document Navigator and others), as well as production printing systems such as EFI and FreeFlow.

User-friendly administration and user interface

YSoft SafeQ has a user-friendly interface, making it simple for administrators and users to control and manage the print environment. Thanks to the Private Cloud feature, the administrator can supervise all locations from a central location. Any system changes to the print environment made in the central office are automatically applied to all subsidiaries as well.

Support of legacy ID card systems

The YSoft SafeQ print management solution can be integrated with existing user authentication systems, so you do not incur any extra costs when implementing YSoft SafeQ.

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