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European Technology Symposium, 3/4/2015
It is our pleasure to invite you to the 4th annual Honeywell European Technology Symposium scheduled to be held on March 11th, 2015 at the Hotel International, Brno, Czech Republic.
Olivetti/YSoft SafeQ 5 Chosen as Print.IT Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, 2/12/2015
February 12, 2015 – Brno, Czech Republic – Y Soft, a leading global print management and 3D printing solution provider, today announced that Print.IT magazine selected the Olivetti/YSoft SafeQ 5 solution as the Editor’s Choice Award for 2015. Olivetti is a Y Soft partner and offers the YSoft SafeQ 5 print management solution to enterprises through its network of dealers who are authorized and trained under the Olivetti Best for Solutions program.
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Print Securely

With YSoft SafeQ your confidential documents are secure

It is critical to ensure protection of sensitive data. Printing, copying and scanning must be done securely to protect essential corporate data from being revealed.

Security for sensitive information

With the YSoft SafeQ print solution all documents are safe because only their owners and other authorized users can print, scan and copy confidential documents. Thanks to YSoft SafeQ, no jobs sent to print are ever printed until the user has authenticated at the printer. Users can identify themselves at the printer with their employee cards, or by entering a PIN or their username and password. In addition, the Print Roaming feature allows users to pick up their job at any printer they choose.

Easy integration with legacy systems

The YSoft SafeQ print solution can be safely integrated with existing applications, such as card readers used to control building access. The solution supports most card readers, so no further investment in IT is required. For educational institutions, YSoft SafeQ can also be connected with accounting and credit systems, so users can be charged for printing, copying and scanning.

In-depth reporting of all printing operations

YSoft SafeQ monitors and tracks all operations performed on multifunction printers. It is easy to track who printed, when they printed, and the number of pages they printed on any printer. Reports can be received in different formats and customized.

User roles and rights

The new Rule-Based Printing feature allows the administrator to set roles for employees or departments based on their printing needs. For example, most users may be allowed to only make duplex and black-and-white prints, while those in the Marketing Department may be allowed to print color or single-sided documents.

YSoft SafeQ can also follow rules defined by the administrator to automatically adjust the parameters of the job sent to print. Administrators can create rules for maximum or minimum job sizes, as well as thresholds for minimum print times as well. YSoft SafeQ can also automatically forward large jobs to more economical devices.

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