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YSoft SafeQ 5 Chosen by BLI as Outstanding Print Management Solution, 1/29/2015
Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) has announced their CzechInvest and Y Soft meeting regarding further cooperation and investment, 1/16/2015
Y Soft would like to thank the team from CzechInvest for visiting Y Soft in Brno on Jan 13, 2015 and for sharing their short-term outlook of Czech government sponsored initiatives. This meeting was a follow-up to some previous related activities such as the meeting with the Czech Prime Minister and the mutual Y Soft / be3D company introduction that resulted in a significant investment.
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YSoft SafeQ optimizes your print environment so that printing is faster, easier and more efficient

Users send print jobs to the YSoft SafeQ server where they are ready for immediate printing and pick-up at any printer connected to the network, making it easy to pick up documents at the most conveniently-located printer. At multifunction printers, users can manage, delete, or add jobs to Favorites.

Document security

With YSoft SafeQ, a job is not printed until its owner authenticates at the printer. Employee ID cards, PINs, or user names and passwords can be used for authentication. YSoft SafeQ can also be integrated into legacy systems with card readers. For example, an employee can use the same ID card he uses for entry to the building for authenticating at printers.

Easy scanning with a single touch of a button

To scan a document, the user swipes an ID card on the multifunction printer and is immediately recognized. Once the document is scanned, the printer automatically sends the scanned documents to the user’s e-mail inbox or home folder. This both speeds up the process and keeps the scanned file secure.

Share documents with your team

YSoft SafeQ allows users to share documents with their colleagues who are all authorized to use a shared queue. Documents sent by the project team or colleagues from the same department can subsequently be picked up by users who share the queue.

Accurate monitoring of all operations in the print environment

YSoft SafeQ provides detailed reporting of all operations performed on printers. You can customize reports and receive them in a variety of formats. Reports can be used for allocating costs to third parties. For example, a law firm could track the costs associated with a specific client. 

For large corporations, YSoft SafeQ makes it easy to have comprehensive company-wide reporting. Companies can track and store printing, copying and scanning information across all its branches, locations, and subsidiaries – all from a single central location.

Handling failures in the print environment

YSoft SafeQ back-up systems help ensure seamless operation of the print environment. A number of servers can be interconnected in order to ensure full server failover—if one server fails, another server automatically takes over its role, preventing costly downtime and enabling users to continue to print without interruption.

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