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SAFEQ + Universal Print is Here
YSoft SafeQ
Product Marketing Director
Many YSoft SAFEQ customers are already using the SAFEQ Universal Print Connector and now it’s generally available (and free) for all new and existing SAFEQ 6 customers.
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Top 5 questions when moving to the cloud: How to manage printing with multiple platforms?
YSoft SAFEQ Cloud
Business Development Director
Our 5-part blog series looks at the top questions you need to consider when moving your print environment into the cloud. In this post, the final installment to the series, we look at how to manage your printing across multiple platforms.  
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Don’t touch this!
YSoft SafeQ
Technical Product Manager
We touch so many different things every day, but how safe are they? The global pandemic has made us all think about our habits and focus on what we do and don’t touch. Here we look at how to take your printing contactless and keep both yourself and your colleagues a little bit safer. 
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What is the new normal in 2021?
YSoft OMNI Series
Director, Global Partner Marketing
About a year ago, we heard the first signals of a new virus in China and just a few weeks later in Italy. Everyone can probably remember their first personal impact. For me, I remember it was my son’s soccer team, which was invited to walk on the field with a local Dutch team and it was uncertain if people would be allowed in the stadium.  That was on the 28th of February 2020.  
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Peace on earth – a sustainable future
YSoft SafeQ
Director, Global Communications
The holiday season is often a time when we are reflective and think about the wider world. At Y Soft we like to look for ways we can have a more sustainable future and help our customers reduce their environmental footprint. Here we look at how your print solution can help you take steps to bring peace on earth.
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20th Anniversary: Building Smart Business
Y Soft Corporation
Head of Global Marketing
Y Soft is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and I thought it is the proper time to reflect on how the Y Soft tag line, Build Smart Business, was born.    
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TOP 5 QUESTIONS WHEN MOVING TO THE CLOUD: Can cloud printing integrate with other cloud services?
YSoft SafeQ, YSoft SAFEQ Cloud
Business Development Director
The fourth question to ask when considering cloud-based print management is, can you integrate with my other cloud services?  
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