Y Soft’s annual team event raises money for charity
10/7/2015 | Y Soft Corporation
Every year Y Soft celebrates its birthday with an internal event we call “Scandal”. It has become a tradition that activities at the event are organized in a way that does a good thing: earning money for charity. Together, we were able to donate $6,825 for charities in the three regions where Scandal was held. Y Soft CEO, Václav Muchna, said: "Our annual event gives us the opportunity to reinforce our team spirit. Once again I am proud of how the teams came together for good cause.“
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Case Study: NORDJYSKE Medier
9/7/2015 | Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
With YSoft SafeQ, printing costs are reduced by 20%.

NORDJYSKE Medier’s printer fleet had grown slowly over time. With four brands and
44 different printer models—many of which were inefficient and expensive desktop
printers—managing and maintaining the print environment was extremely difficult and timeconsuming. Reliability and uptime suffered, while the cost of printing continually increased.
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InfoChannel Chile: Y Soft and Xerox Add Value to Printing
3/7/2015 | YSoft SafeQ
Y Soft's Richard Brulik explains how YSoft SafeQ can help organizations with print costs, security of MFDs and documents, contribute to environmental goals and increase the user experience and user productivity. Particularly, Richard speaks about Print Roaming - where a user can send a print job and go to any printer in the organization -- in the same building or in another city -- to print the document. 
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ENX Magazine: A conversation with Y Soft CEO, Vaclav Muchna
26/6/2015 | Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
In this interview with ENX Magazine, Vaclav Muchna talks about print management, 3D printers and how we work with dealers for mutual success.
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Startup Yard: Tech Culture in the Czech Republic, a candid conversation
26/6/2015 | Y Soft Corporation, Y Soft Ventures
Y Soft's Ondřej Krajíček, CTO, discusses the tech ecosystem in the Czech Republic. In this two-part interview, Ondřej shares his thoughts on the systemic issues he sees in the Czech approach to entrepreneurialism, education and government policy surrounding business.
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Y Soft's Ondřej Krajíček Elected to Chair AmCham IT Committee
23/6/2015 | Y Soft Corporation, Y Soft Ventures
The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in the Czech Republic serves as a non-profit, non-government organization working through its membership network to improve the business environment in the country. Y Soft's CTO, Ondřej Krajíček, has been elected chairman of the organization's IT committee for 2015/2016.
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ITProPortal: Top 5 Reasons Enterprises Deploy a Print Management Solution
16/6/2015 | Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Achieving cost reductions used to be a main driver for deploying a print management solution. But pressure on IT to provide additional value from their existing multi-functional printer (MFP) fleet to meet changing business conditions have surfaced additional reasons for deploying a print management solution.

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Y Soft Now a Microsoft Gold Partner
15/6/2015 | Y Soft Corporation
Y Soft achieves Gold Partner status within Microsoft's Partner Program for core competency in datacenter infrastructure.
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Y Soft se stal hlavním partnerem startup akcelerátoru JIC STARCUBE
4/6/2015 | Y Soft Ventures
Nejstarší český startup akcelerátor JIC STARCUBE oznámil svého hlavního partnera pro rok 2015. Je jím brněnská společnost Y Soft, globální lídr v tiskových řešeních a technologiích 3D tisku. Y Soft startupům poskytne konzultace svých expertů včetně šéfa společnosti Václava Muchny a dále nabídne i podporu při prototypování a know-how v oblasti globální expanze a managementu.
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New for Partners: Reward Program
2/6/2015 | Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ

Introducing a Rewards Program designed to give

Y Soft partners a range of reward benefits.

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The Imaging Channel: Finding Your Perfect Mate With A Service Call
2/6/2015 | Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
In the June 2015 issue of The Imaging Channel, Y Soft's Martin de Martini discusses why a successful MPS outcome is more likely if we approach it as a service call instead of a sales call.
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Xerox Chile Receives YSoft SafeQ Training
22/5/2015 | Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Xerox Chile's Gabriel Vargas Marchant explains that with Y Soft training, the Xerox team has the tools they need to help their customers optimize their print fleet. (Language: Spanish)
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Y Soft Joins MPSA
19/5/2015 | Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) announces that Y Soft has joined as a Corporate Member.
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Y Soft has launched a new website
4/5/2015 | Y Soft Corporation
As a company, Y Soft has been growing very quickly. We are continuously improving our product and our visibility all over the world. But our website was quite old. We knew it. So we’ve developed a new one.
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DocuWorld 2015 – hosted by Fuji Xerox, sponsored by Y Soft
11/3/2015 | Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
“Innovating the Future” is the theme for the 15th annual conference presented by Fuji Xerox, March 17-18. Y Soft is pleased to participate as a silver sponsor in Singapore’s largest document services and communications conference.
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