Xerox partners were invited to Rochester in May

Xerox hosted a three-day “Freedom to Do More” event that gave its partners the opportunity to learn about Xerox technology, value proposition, approaches to vertical markets and how to competitively reach their sales targets.

The approximately 60 attendees were mainly from Xerox partner companies in Latin America and included service managers, sales managers, product and marketing managers, and sales executives.

As a co-host of the event, Y Soft enjoyed the opportunity to meet all the interesting participants face to face and to highlight the Y Soft intelligent printing solution, YSoft SafeQ, which adds value to printers. Y Soft presented the new features of YSoft SafeQ version 4, such as Mobile Print, Job Roaming, and Private Cloud, which are delivering benefits and improvements to customers’ print environments.


The first day of the event, Y Soft hosted a celebratory dinner for all participants. At this informal dinner, participants engaged in lively discussions and new business relationships were begun.


We received very positive feedback from Xerox and its partners.

“Our partners and the Xerox team value Y Soft’s knowledge and willingness to be involved in our business. The relationships developed with these countries and the lines of communication that opened will enable us to further develop our respective businesses. We are focused on seeing a positive return from this interaction in the near term and hope that we can also continue to count on your commitment to develop your business with us in this part of the world.”

Emmanuel Datoc
Director of Technology, Marketing and Customer Service
Xerox Corporation
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