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Featured article
YSoft SafeQ meets Microsoft Universal Print in the Cloud
3 März 2020   YSoft SafeQ
Ondřej “Ondra” Krajíček
Chief Technology Strategist
We would like to congratulate our colleagues at Microsoft for announcing the private preview of Microsoft Universal Print. It‘s a game changer in transitioning Windows printing from on-premise to the cloud. YSoft SafeQ fully supports Microsoft Universal Print out of the box. 
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Y Soft Update During COVID-19
17 März 2020   Y Soft Corporation
Vaclav Muchna
CEO, Co-Founder
We want to provide information on how Y Soft is continuing business, supporting customers and partners during this time and guidance on how you can reach us. 
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Teachers, 3D printing and STEAM: Mathematics
12 März 2020   YSoft be3D
Elke Heiss
Head of Global Marketing
With 3D printing, even the most complex mathematical concepts can be explained and understood. In this, the sixth and final article in this series, we look at the tools and resources available to support using 3D printing to teach math.  
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