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3D Print Management

3D Print Management

3D print management solutions enable your organization to effectively manage your 3D printing environment. This includes managing secure access to your fleet of 3D printers, simplifying administration as well as monitoring and reporting 3D printing activity. The most flexible 3D print management solutions also offer pay-for-print services and can be used to manage 2D printers, making your investment in 3D printing more cost effective.

Benefits of 3D print management

3D Print Management VS Stand-Alone 3D Printers

Ability to manage secure access to the printer for students and faculty NO YES
Door locks during printing for safety and to secure the finished 3D project NO YES
Network enabled NO YES
Built-in pay-for-print system, with an optional payment machine NO YES
Fact-based reporting on 3D printer usage NO YES
Comprehensive administrative control NO YES
Extendable print management features for 2D (paper) fleet NO YES
Y Soft Solution for 3D Print Management
YSoft be3D eDee
YSoft be3d eDee is a 3D print management solutions designed specifically for Education.

3D Print Management Benefits for Education

Managing Access

Secure access benefits both IT administrator and teachers. Students and faculty can print using any of your school’s or university’s 3D printers after authenticating with login credentials, or optionally, using the ID badge card reader. Once authenticated the 3D print job can begin. The printed 3D model is safely locked inside the printer until the owner picks it up.



Additionally, there is no need to carry a USB or SD card to transfer files to the printer. In just a few clicks the user can easily prepare a 3D print job and send it to print on any YSoft be3D printer from a desktop or laptop computer.

Cost control and justifying ROI

3D print management enables anyone with authentication credentials to access the 3D printer. This allows teachers to encourage students to use 3D printing not only in the classroom but also outside formal lesson, for their individual projects. It gives students the opportunity to learn by themselves and increases their creativity and problem solving skills.



With a full accounting system, YSoft be3D eDee estimates each print job’s material consumption and material costs before printing. Reports provides administrators complete details on all jobs printed, costs and usage of the 3D print fleet. School administrators have complete oversight into who is printing, what is being printed and at what costs. Optionally, a school can offer 3D printing as a pay-for-print service. Schools can set up student accounts with virtual amounts and enable student to pay for all their 3D printing or for 3D printing that extends beyond a virtual limit. Pay-for-print service is a way to recover 3D printing costs.

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3D printing in 4 simple steps with YSoft be3D eDee Print Management

User can design their own 3D object in AutoCAD or search online and choose from many libraries (Thingiverse, Pinshape) offering 3D designs for free or for small fee. After the object has been chosen, the user can control the quality of the object by changing both speed and layer thickness settings in DeeControl. DeeControl is the slicing software included in YSoft be3D eDee. Finally, the user decides if the model needs print supports, which provide stability for heavier, irregular shaped objects.
At this point, the 3D model is ready to print. DeeControl shows the estimated material used for the print job and an estimate of the printing time. The user sends the job to the YSoft SafeQ server. YSoft SafeQ is the print management software that is integrated with eDee. YSoft SafeQ holds the user's job until where it can be printed at any available eDee printer in the school’s network. The print job won’t begin until the user logs into the eDee printer.
Users enter their login credentials or optionally, use an ID badge to authenticate at the printer to quickly and easily choose their printing job displayed on the YSoft be3D eDee user interface panel. Once positively authenticated, the door unlocks. With the door now unlocked, the user removes the glass print bed and spreads a thin layer of glue on the entire bed surface. This ensures that the initial layers adhere to the print bed surface. The user then checks that the filament is threaded through the nozzle and closes all doors. Once setup has been completed, the user presses the print button. The printer will not print until the door is closed - ensuring safety. With the doors checked as closed, the printing process begins. YSoft be3D will send an email notification when the 3D printed object has been completed and is ready to be collected.
User will receive an email notification when the 3D printed object has been completed and is ready to be collected. At the printer, the user authenticates, the door unlocks and the 3D object can be removed from the printer by lifting the glass print bed and carefully removing the object. Be very careful when removing a model. Always remove it against a hard surface and not against your hand or fingers.
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YSoft be3D eDee
YSoft be3D eDee

YSoft be3D eDee is the first 3D print management solution for Education. Download the YSoft be3D eDee datasheet to learn more about this 3D print management solution for Education.