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3D Printing in Education Survey

As the purchase price of 3D printers has declined, educators have been quick to bring the technology into the classroom. But have they succeeded in implementing 3D printing in the classroom with clear results?

In November 2016, Y Soft commissioned an independent research company, Dimensional Research, to conduct a survey to better understand how 3D printers are being used by educators in the classroom. Now you can download the full report from this study.

As a stand-alone device, 3D printing offers many benefits for students and educators alike: increased motivation and interest in the subject matter - particularly within STEAM subjects; the ability to use creativity in teaching and learning and gaining skills needed for the modern workplace.

However, the study also showed that educators are struggling with three key areas:

  • Managing and controlling access. Therefore access to the printers are restricted defeating the purpose of student motivation and creativity
  • Managing costs and justifying ROI
  • Incorporating 3D printing projects into classroom curriculum


Survey highlights:

“We hear from schools that they buy 3D printers, but often lock them up so students and users cannot access them because there is no way to manage access and costs associated with their use. It defeats the purpose of the 3D printer in education which is meant to motivate student learning. In the end, the printer goes unused.” Tim Greene, IDC Research Director.

Download the survey report:

“Without a comprehensive solution that addresses access, costs and curriculum, Educators and students will not receive the full value of 3D printing when access to the printers are restricted. It’s why we developed YSoft be3D eDee, which solves these issues.” Vaclav Muchna, CEO and co-founder of Y Soft.

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