How have ideas from Brno changed the world? Come and be inspired by Y Soft

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Karen Lachtanski
Director, Global Communications
The South Moravian Innovation Centre has prepared an interesting exhibition for visitors to the Galerie Vaňkovka mall called "How ideas from Brno change the world". A total of 16 business ideas supported by the South Moravian Innovation Centre through consulting, provision of premises and in other ways, are being presented in this mall.

Y Soft came with an environmental topic, because its product – the YSoft SAFEQ printing solution – saves companies not only time and money, but also natural resources. The exhibition, which will last until the end of June, started with a press conference attended by representatives of the South Moravian Region, the South Moravian Innovation Centre and of course Y Soft. Václav Muchna, CEO, joined the exhibition via a tele-conference from London during his business trip from Australia.

When you pass through the Vaňkovka mall, remember to pay a visit to the Y Soft booth where you will encounter, besides an imaginary printer, a forest or a ton of paper. "Since we sell our product mostly to businesses, we decided to present it to the end user as well and demonstrate how green our product is," says Marcel Fejtek, Y Soft chief operating officer. "Our printing solution has a positive environmental impact – mostly on trees, because it efficiently reduces paper consumption." Y Soft is a living example of a Czech company that really presents Brno's ideas globally and we can all be proud of it.

Karen Lachtanski
Karen Lachtanski
Karen is part of Y Soft’s marketing team heading up PR, Analyst Relations and Content Marketing. Based in San Jose, California, she’s up early in the morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and a phone in the other in order to stay connected with teams in the Czech Republic and around the world.
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