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Karen Lachtanski
VP, Product Communications
Y Soft was, together with eight other Czech companies, selected for the prestigious international competition of the European Business Awards to represent the Czech Republic as the national winner in the competition, with companies from other European countries. Each of the Czech companies selected represents one of the fields in which they successfully operate, Y Soft represents the area of information technology.

The European Business Awards (EBA) jury did not have an easy task at all, because it had to compare 2,175 companies from 34 European countries. 527 companies presented by 28 countries made ​​it among the national winners. 38 companies were selected and nominated overall from the Czech Republic. 9 of them now carry the title of national champion. The main goal of the European Business Awards is to promote the development of a stronger and more successful business environment across the whole of Europe. Only thanks to successful international companies are we able to continue to raise prosperity, living standards and social stability.

National winners of the competition submitted their presentation videos, which can be watched on the official website of the organization. Within the public choice, in which the public and also an expert jury are involved, one company will be selected by voting and earn the title of national champion. Voting is already running, so go ahead and give your vote in the competition to Y Soft! Voting will close on the 2nd of January and from 14th of January the competition for the overall winner across all of the countries will start.

The awards ceremony will take place at a gala evening in April-May 2014.

Karen Lachtanski
Karen Lachtanski
Karen is part of Y Soft’s marketing team heading up PR, Analyst Relations and Content Marketing. Based in San Jose, California, she’s up early in the morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and a phone in the other in order to stay connected with teams in the Czech Republic and around the world.
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