Getting our Geek on at GeeCON 2016

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Elke Heiss
Chief Marketing Officer
Geecon, Prague 2016, is the region’s premier event for Java and JVM (Java Virtual Machines) technologies. It’s the place to be if you are a developer looking to learn from and interact with experts on dynamic languages, enterprise architectures, patterns, distributed computing, software craftsmanship, mobile and so much more. And that is why Y Soft is involved.
Y Soft, in partnership with the GeeCON community, is proud to co-organize GeeCON Prague this October. In addition to participating with speakers and demonstrations, Y Soft is helping to shape the conference content with the organizers.
Events like GeeCON are important to Y Soft in many ways. It furthers the Java community in the Czech Republic which stimulates ideas and interest in technical careers; it provides opportunities for our R & D employees to share their knowledge and learn from others; and it shines a light on the great technical know-how present in the Czech Republic. After all, our R & D teams don’t just code the ideas of others, they create their own ideas and see them realized in the market.
If you are interested in meeting with Y Soft at GeeCON, it will be pretty hard to miss us. We will be creating a unique way for you to “Experience Y Soft World”. Attendees can meet with us one-on-one at the booth and in the Chill Out Room (Cinema room #1), play some fun games, have a beer and food tasting all while learning more about us and our innovations, what we do and the global nature of our business. You can also hear Ondrej Krajicek, Y Soft CTO in the keynote address and  Jakub Pavlak, Engineering Team Lead in one of the breakout sessions that are planned.
Be sure to check in at the GeeCON website as more information about the educational content, speaker updates and other activities are being added. To learn specifically what Y Soft is doing, check out our event page.
See you at GeeCON Prague, October 20-21, 2016!
Elke Heiss
Elke Heiss
Elke Heiss is a strategic marketer specialized in the technology industry. If she is not helping companies rebrand, reposition and launch products around the world, you’ll find her sailing, aspiring to become a yogi, researching alternative health solutions and traveling the globe. She loves good food and wine too.
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