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Karen Lachtanski
Director, Global Communications
Our colleagues in Australia have moved to a new, bigger office. We took the opportunity to chat with Adam O’Neill, the managing director for Y Soft Australia to find out about the move.
YSFT: How long has Y Soft been in Australia?

AO: Y Soft Australia was established in Sydney in November 2013 through the acquisition of a local company who had been in the Killarney Heights location for over ten years at that time. 

YSFT: What is the reason for the move?
AO: The reason for the move was twofold; firstly our previous office was actually two separate properties with our technical team in one location and sales/operations in the second, each with staff working in individual rooms. Bringing everyone into a single open-plan office allows for easier experience sharing and collaboration, with meeting rooms for customer calls and quiet time. Lastly the move to a modern property, located in the popular Lane Cove area means that we are now closer to both our partners and their customers.
YSFT: Is there anything interesting or unique about the office space? 
AO: There is a great pub across the street…. ;o)
Seriously though, the building is highly visible as it’s located on the corner of one of Sydney’s busier roads and is known by many as ‘the old Aristocrat building’ after a poker machine company who occupied it for many years.
YST: How many people are in the office? 
AO: We have two sales staff (myself and Rick Snell), two Asia Pacific resources (Michael Sargiss, CSS Manager and James Fitzpatrick, Sales Operations), one Solutions Architect (Hyder Mohammed) and two technical consultants (Clifford Rego and Hussain Alameri). We are looking to add another Regional Sales Manager soon.
YSFT: What did you do to celebrate the new office?
AO: Remember I mentioned that pub across the road…To be honest we haven’t had the chance to celebrate as yet with the end of our financial year upon us, however we have taken a few partners for lunch at the Longueville Rd Bar and will plan something for the office early in fiscal year 2017.
YSFT: Anything else you’d like to add?
AO: The team here are all extremely happy with the move and look forward to having our partners across to the new office in the new financial year.

Karen Lachtanski
Karen Lachtanski
Karen is part of Y Soft’s marketing team heading up PR, Analyst Relations and Content Marketing. Based in San Jose, California, she’s up early in the morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and a phone in the other in order to stay connected with teams in the Czech Republic and around the world.
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