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Solutions begin with Service

Fewer things are more annoying than a salesperson on the phone telling you what their solution can do for you without having any idea of your needs and what your organization’s needs are. Worse, is when the salesperson has done nothing to demonstrate that he can deliver on whatever he promises his product will do.
As a solution provider, we work with our global network of partners to understand your requirements. We ask the question: what is the desired outcome of the solution when it is deployed and for the overall life of the project? A simple question – well, it’s not really simple – but it starts the dialogue in the right direction. It’s gets a conversation going about what your real needs are, the initiatives your IT organization are trying to meet and what is happening today in your print infrastructure.

It’s a consultative service type of conversation. Only then does a picture begin to emerge of the type of solution that can be designed to meet your needs. It’s why we call the first phase of our customer delivery service: Discover.

Discover works both ways. We learn about you and you learn about us and our delivery partner. At the end of Discover, you should have a clear picture of what YSoft SAFEQ can do for you (and equally important, what it can do for you tomorrow when your needs change).

Learn more about Discover and the other phases of the YSoft Global Operational Excellence Framework TM, our professional services for ensuring customer satisfaction.

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