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Karen Lachtanski
Director, Global Communications
If you have seen the television advertising for Miller Light beer, you know what I’m talking about. Two people are arguing over what is best about Bud Light. One argues it is its great taste; the other that it is less filling (since it has less calories).

This ad campaign comes to mind when we think about Client Based Print Roaming, a module in YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Solutions Platform. It has two main benefits: it gives you the benefits of pull printing, so it is great. It also means you can use it with YSoft SAFEQube 2, an inexpensive alternative to traditional servers, so it is less filling.

Some in the industry are fond of describing their print management product as a server-less solution. However it doesn’t take long to find out that this is a myth. For print management to work at any scale, some sort of server is needed to interact with the MFD interface. But we agree with the sentiment, which is about reducing costs. With YSoft SAFEQube 2 and Client Based Print Roaming, you get great Print Roaming at a lesser cost.

So what is the difference between the YSoft SAFEQ solution and these other so-called server-less solutions? Y Soft is the only provider who designs, manufactures and quality-tests its own hardware to work seamlessly with its software. The combined solution indeed tastes great and is less filling.

Today, we are announcing that YSoft SAFEQube 2 is now available worldwide. Along with this news, we are also announcing that our new external terminal, YSoft SAFEQ Terminal Pro 4 is now globally available. Please join us in raising a glass to the arrival of YSoft SAFEQube 2 and YSoft SAFEQ Terminal Pro 4.

Karen Lachtanski
Karen Lachtanski
Karen is part of Y Soft’s marketing team heading up PR, Analyst Relations and Content Marketing. Based in San Jose, California, she’s up early in the morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and a phone in the other in order to stay connected with teams in the Czech Republic and around the world.
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YSoft SAFEQ Breeze Beta
YSoft SAFEQ Breeze Beta

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