How Can Your Print Solution Help Your Finance Team?

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Antonin Masojidek
Product Marketing Manager
The economic landscape is continually shifting and as such your company’s finance teams have the challenge of balancing the need to protect cash flow and investing in innovation to remain competitive. To achieve this, it is vital for organizations to secure flexible contract and payments terms with their solution partners.
This article looks at how YSoft SAFEQ supports your finance team’s objectives.
Protecting cash flow
Subscription based software and services enable an organization to adopt new technology, without the usual upfront capital investment. Gartner’s “SWOT: Y Soft, Print Software, Worldwide” report, published in January 2017, states that, while common in several other major software markets, subscription pricing is new to the print management and document capture software markets.
Gartner goes on to predict that, by 2020, more than 80% of software vendors will change their business models from traditional license and maintenance models to a subscription-based model, regardless of whether the software resides on premises or in the Cloud.

Y Soft, as a leading innovator in the print and image industry, launched subscription service for YSoft SAFEQ in December 2015, we were the first to do so globally across our complete print management offering (and now for document capture too). For many companies, print management as a subscription service means it can be allocated as an operating cost instead of a capital expenditure.
Pay only for what you need
Organizations differ, they have their own workflow goals and specific needs. Y Soft recognizes this and we have devised a modular approach to our solutions. You have the option to buy a complete suite or buy the module(s) you need now and simply add additional modules or suites as required. You have complete control over your print environment costs, giving your finance team complete peace of mind that you are only paying for what you need.

Additionally, because YSoft SAFEQ is priced on a per-device (multifunction printer) basis, your costs do not vary when you add new employees. Combined with subscription pricing, this means your costs can decrease if your number of devices decrease.
Print cost management & allocation
Being able to manage and allocate print costs empowers your finance teams to accurately budget for your organization’s ongoing print requirements. The YSoft SAFEQ Reporting module includes reports specifically designed for finance teams to help them report on cost savings, manage costs and set future budgets. These reports also help finance teams identify high volume users, departments and identify potential cost saving initiatives. With YSoft SAFEQ Reporting, finance teams can both effectively manage and predict print environment costs.

"We have substantially reduced the cost of printing and have a complete view of printing across the entire bank. One of the biggest benefits [of YSoft SAFEQ] is the Reporting feature. The reports give us all the information we need. What’s more, we’ve reduced the number of prints very dramatically.With its advanced reporting capabilities and simple operation, I highly recommend YSoft SAFEQ."

Tomáš Fedrsel
Systems Engineer, IT Operations
Sberbank CZ a.s.

Y Soft understands the pressure finance teams are under and this is reflected in all our enterprise workflow solutions. We offer contract and pricing options that provide control, flexibility and insight, protecting cash flow and releasing budget to invest where it is needed most, for business growth.
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Antonin Masojidek
Antonin Masojidek
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