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Part 1: The power of Simplified Scan Capture

Over the coming months, we will look at how YSoft SAFEQ scan workflows can help you increase productivity with automated document capture and delivery workflows. This first article focuses on simplifying the scanning capture process (and much more).
In recent years, organizations of all sizes have been looking at new ways to improve productivity. Managing content in all its forms can be time consuming and complex, making the cost of doing business challenging and putting productivity at risk. What if there was a print environment solution that could simplify the scanning process?

“The importance of managed content services (MCS) continues to grow, as more organizations struggle with managing their content in all its forms. Gartner predicts that up to 40% of MPS contracts will have a significant MCS element by 2020. More customers will seek solutions that are capable of handling not just their printing needs, but also all of their information and communication needs.”

Gartner, SWOT: Y Soft, Print Software, Worldwide (G00316782), Analyst: Lai-ling Lam

The traditional, inefficient way
Usually scanning documents will go something like this: scan document, email to self, rename and save to a computer, collate scanned documents as required, email or save to a shared location and notify the relevant people. With YSoft SAFEQ scan workflows, this complex, time consuming process is simplified, making it easier and quicker to share information with the required people.

At Y Soft, we realized that through automation we could eliminate many of the frustrating steps, improving not only user experience but also productivity. Simply speaking, YSoft Scan Workflows have three main stages: Capture, Process and Deliver, Figure 1.


Figure 1. YSoft SAFEQ scan workflow key stages. Documents can be delivered to any cloud sharing, ECM or line of business application.

For this article, we will focus on Capture. Simplifying scan capture has many benefits in addition to improving productivity:

  • Simple User Experience
  • Improved Digital Document and Data Accuracy
  • Improved Consistency of Scanned Documents and Document Repository
Simple User Experience
One of the biggest frustrations regarding scanning is the number of menus the user has to navigate and decisions the user has to make about how the scan will be made. Will it be a color scan or black and white? Will it be a jpg or a PDF? Will it be a 300 dpi or something else? And what name format should it be given? For many users, this can be a roadblock in the adoption of scan processes.

Y Soft can reduce this process to the pressing of one button on the device's user interface.

For many users during their working day, week or month they will frequently scan and send documents to the same destination. For example, employees may need to scan their invoices to a shared network folder.
With YSoft SAFEQ, the user selects a predefined workflow template and scans the document(s). This eliminates the usual user frustration and uncertainty on decision-making and also makes the scan process faster releasing the individual from time consuming administration to do something more productive.

“Improved accessibility, higher productivity, and faster response to customers are the biggest drivers for scanning and capture, along with reduction in office space. Automating more manual processes is the biggest priority for users, and 23% are looking to invest in better technology.”

AIIM 2015 Market Report on Paper-Free Progress

As well as managing the entire process at the MFD (multifunctional device), YSoft SAFEQ scan workflows offers help and guidance at the MFD, via the user-friendly menu. Workflow templates can be set up at both group and user level, so individuals only see the workflows they are authorized to use, making it quick, simple and secure. If the user forgets or is unsure which workflow template relates to the specific task they can view guidance notes by simply clicking on the ? icon. Figures 2a and Figure 2b.

Figure 2a. YSoft SAFEQ scan workflows authorized for a particular user.

Figure 2b. YSoft SAFEQ scan workflow user screen showing help function.


Improving Digital Document and Data Accuracy

By automating the process and managing the end to end process at the MFD human error is significantly reduced. So, as well as simplifying and speeding up the process with YSoft SAFEQ scan workflows, accuracy is also improved.

For example, traditionally the user would have to scan a document, return to their workstation, rename the file, save it and then either email it or save to a shared folder. If the user is interrupted or distracted at any stage of the process an element is easily forgotten or carried out incorrectly.

With YSoft SAFEQ scan workflows, the entire process is completed at the MFD using pre-defined templates, reducing the process to one click and ensuring accuracy: the right scan will go to the right destination.

Note: Scan to email or networked shared folder is still available in YSoft SAFEQ and is still a good solution for one-off scan needs.

Improving Consistency of Scanned Documents and Document Repository

As well as reducing the number of user steps within the process, YSoft SAFEQ scan workflows predefines common parameters including filename and output quality. The user doesn’t have to remember the destination path, the dpi quality or the exact filename, this is already defined for them. This removes the risk of potential errors and inconsistencies, ensuring the organization has consistent scan parameters.

The consistency of the user experience is also improved. Whereas other providers require an organization to use a different portal or menu system, YSoft SAFEQ scan workflows are fully integrated within the multifunction device. Users access the device in the usual way and use the same menu system. All of this means that consistency is upheld across the organization.

Ensuring Compliance

Because the scan workflows are automated, eliminating human error, industries that are highly regulated with compliance standards are aided in their obligations. Ensuring an organization is compliant with industry regulations is becoming increasingly challenging and burdensome especially when it comes to human error. We appreciate the strain on organizations operating within a regulated industry and realized that our scan workflows could alleviate some of this pressure and offer peace of mind.

YSoft SAFEQ Scan Workflows in Practice

Let’s looks at an example scenario where YSoft SAFEQ scan workflows can help an organization.

An accountant’s office receives hardcopy documents from numerous clients. This happens all year round but especially when tax deadline dates approach - the volumes can be significant and tight deadlines are needed to file tax returns in a timely manner. Compliance is vital so all documentation must be easily located, use a common filename and be easily read. Creating a workflow ensures the receptionist can easily process multiple clients at one time, that the capture is consistent and the scans are safely and accurately delivered to those who need them.

One Platform, One Interface, One Contract

At Y Soft we pride ourselves on keeping things simple. As with all of our solutions, YSoft SafeQ scan workflows are fully integrated with the major multifunction printer vendors and third party partners.

Our platform approach to print management and scan workflows means the easy-to-use interface is integrated for both users and IT administrators. If you choose to start with scan workflows and add print management, you can easily add new services under your existing contract. 

YSoft SAFEQ scan workflows can be found in these two product suites:

Learn more about YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Suite.

Learn more about YSoft SAFEQ Enterprise Suite (scan workflows + print management)


Part 2: The power of enhanced document capture processing

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