Quocirca Report: Print Security in the era of IoT

YSoft SafeQ
Increasing document security is a hallmark of YSoft SafeQ print management. Why is document security so important to us and why should it be part of any enterprises’ IT security program?
Today’s multifunction device (MFD) is an internet-connected endpoint. As such it is subject to possible external cyber-security attacks. The financial, legal and reputational consequences of such an attack make document security a business imperative.

Internally, risks exist for sensitive data to be intentionally or unintentionally distributed where it too can cause harm.

Quocirca and Y Soft are pleased to present a report on Print Security. The report, based on over 200 enterprises (and over 1,000 individual responses), covers common causes of document-related data loss, provides industry best practices for improving print security and much more.

Download your copy of the Quocirca report. The report is offered free of charge and includes a customized profile on Y Soft.

Download as a PDF.

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