Y Soft at Educatec Educatice in Paris, Nov 15-17

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Edward O'Meara
Business Development Manager, Y Soft France
You may have heard that YSoft SAFEQ print management now supports both 2D and 3D printers. This means that all the benefits of reduced costs, improved security and increased productivity can be enjoyed on just about any multifunction brand and YSoft be3D eDee 3D printers.
So naturally when an education focused event in Paris came about, we jumped at the chance to be there. You’ll find YSofters at Educatec Educatice in booth #D9 showing how one installation of YSoft SAFEQ can provide schools and universities an integrated print management solution. It’s a first in Education. If your school has a print-to-pay policy for 2D and 3D print jobs, YSoft SAFEQ supports popular payment systems & payment platforms including Izly and Ingenico (formerly Ogone).
Print administrators will find a consistent interface for managing their entire 2D and 3D print fleet. And our YSoft be3D eDee solution has specific features made just for education. You will want to see the printer in action too so be sure to visit our booth, D9.
Schools are also increasingly looking to digitize their processes. Student applications, test results and grades and other student related paper, needs to be captured efficiently and accurately and then stored automatically. YSoft SAFEQ has this covered too. With Automated Scan Workflows, paper-based processes can be automated, reducing time and the possibility of human error.
If you are in Paris, stop by and say hello. We promise to make it worth your time.

Edward O'Meara
Edward O'Meara
Edward helps drive double digit growth for the Y Soft business in France, making sure certified Partners have all the support they need to win new deals and delight customers. If you can’t find him building technical and cultural bridges to sustain the business, then he’s probably underwater - swimming his day out at the local pool.
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