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2025 and beyond PART 5: As-a-Service Model

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In this fifth part of our series reviewing the Quocirca Global Print 2025 research, we look at the as-a-service model and why 35% of respondents considered this to be an area of focus and change for the future of the print industry.


As-a-service model

The drive for organizations to cut costs and increase efficiency is a common thread in all digital transformation journeys, including the increasing popularity and transition towards the as-a-service model. The increase in connectivity, innovation and collaboration leads naturally away from the purchase of hardware, software or IT solutions outright, and creates a contractual shift whereby organizations can rent and pay per use or time-period, in a comparable way to leasing a car.

This cost model change is highly successful as it allows organizations to release CAPEX and replace it with the flexibility of OPEX. Spreading out the payments across the term of the agreement ensures that organizations can reap the full technological benefits with a lower initial investment. Moving to such a subscription model allows organizations to not only eliminate the requirements for financing costs, but also offers considerable cost savings.  

A recent Gartner report1 show that by 2020 it is expected that over 80% of software vendors will have changed their business models to a subscription based one. This report also recognizes Y Soft as an early adopter of this model.

Y Soft is ready

As early adopters to the software as-a-service (SaaS) model, Y Soft has applied this to the benefit of both customers and partners, with software support and service level agreements (SLAs) built in. The entire YSoft SAFEQ platform, including support and services, are available on a subscription model, which allows organizations to use our latest services and technology while remaining cost effective, flexible and in control.

“The YSoft SAFEQ platform is proving an attractive proposition for organizations, particularly SMBs that want a low cost and modular approach to print management and security...” 2


Here at Y Soft, 100% of our sales go through our partners, and because of this, we work closely together by using a business model which best supports the customer and the channel partner. By using SaaS, we not only meet the needs of the market but our partners are able to grow a predictable revenue stream.

The road to 2025

With the benefits of cost savings and financial flexibility, the move toward SaaS will gather pace and will undoubtedly impact the future of the print industry. Here at Y Soft, we understand that organizations grow and change, and our subscription model supports this. As an innovative and early adopter, Y Soft is already well positioned and ready to support organizations as they make this business model change today.


1 Gartner, SWOT: Y Soft, Print Software, Worldwide (G00316782); Published 12 January 2017; Analyst: Lai-ling Lam

2 Quocirca, Print Security: An Imperative in the IoT Era;
Published January 2017; Authors: Louella Fernandes, Bob Tarzey


Download a free copy of the a YSoft executive summary of the Quocirca Print 2025 report to learn more. The full Quocirca report can be purchased at
This is part 5 of a seven-part series exploring the Digital Transformation technologies identified by enterprise organizations in the Global Print 2025 report by Quocirca. Read parts 1-4 by clicking on the links below.

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