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Antonin Masojidek
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Often considered the backbone of an organization, your IT department has a number of hurdles to overcome in managing your company’s print services. From supporting employees, mobile employees, devices, security and changes within the print services environment, the amount of resources needed has traditionally been high. Always looking to increase efficiency and productivity while adding value and cutting costs, the challenge of the IT team is complex.

How can we help your IT team?

By using an integrated print management and document capture solution with seamless interoperability, such as YSoft SAFEQ, your IT team can become more efficient and their time and knowledge can be spent adding value elsewhere.

Simplifying complexity – By using one platform, one interface and one contract for both print management and document capture, the tasks for your IT team are minimized. Managing users, devices and obtaining data through scheduled reports enable the IT team to be productive and efficient.

Cloud infrastructure or partial cloud/partial on-premise for print services also provides the additional advantage of relieving IT infrastructure overhead and resources that can be applied to other high-value projects.

Breaking down silos – With a platform approach for print services, you can centralize your print and scan management and break down silos. This enables IT teams to easily set up pre-defined workflows across your multifunction device fleet, as opposed to having to implement the same workflow, multiple times for each MFD. By using a centralized system, administrators can replicate a workflow or print governance across multiple MFDs all at once.

Reporting & monitoring – Centralized fact-based reports at your fingertips means your IT team can save time by easily monitoring usage as well as troubleshooting issues as they arise. Reports can be accessed by authorized individuals or groups, so your IT team doesn’t have to spend time managing statistics and usage. Reports can also be automatically sent to management or department heads.

Supporting your team 24/7 – Your IT resources are probably already limited, so having a cost-effective extension to your team is likely to be very welcome. Having your system checked through YSoft Proactive Care will ensure it is operating normally while alerting your team of  abnormalities to address potential problems before any issues occur. This is another way to free up your IT resources to focus on business critical projects.

Reducing firefighting Firefighting helpdesk requests is very time consuming, but by reducing the quantity of tickets raised, your IT staff will be able to spend time on other elements of their role. By no longer having to support employees to gain access to printing in different locations, supporting guests with their printing access, or using different devices to access the MFD (multi-functional device) the number of help desk tickets can be significantly reduced. In a large organization, help desk tickets for these user issues is at scale every day. For example, a customer reported that they had twelve IT personnel supporting print infrastructure but by reducing the number of helpdesk tickets, five of them are now working on other important projects. Four ways to reduce the number of helpdesk tickets are:


  1. Print Roaming enables employees to print on any printer in the organization’s network without IT intervention. Authorized employees submit their print job and release it from any printer within the network, anywhere in the world.
  2. Guest printing allows for credentials to be automatically created and sent to the guest when a mobile print from an unknown user is detected. This allows organizations to provide secure print services to visitors without needing access to the network or extra IT and administrative support.
  3. Multi-device access and mobile printing supports BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives, reducing the strain on IT resources in manually setting this up and monitoring access. Use a service which operates across Windows and Mac platforms, enabling IT to use the same configuration and policies for all users regardless of the platform. Regardless of the device being used, users can be seamlessly supported without the need for complicated IT support and there is no need to install additional software or print drivers.  IT managers can support the needs of mobile workers while still realizing cost savings, secure access, document security and reporting.

Ease the load

IT teams can be largely focused on firefighting issues and maintaining your organization’s current IT state and technology. The enormity of this task is highly pressurized and is a challenge to resources and time. It’s time to give your IT team a break and ditch the help-desk ticket overload. Support your teams by using a print and scan solution which will free up their time and resources to focus on other high value projects while ensuring that your organization is secure, efficient and productive.

What could your IT teams be doing with their freed up time? You can find out more about YSoft SAFEQ and how it can support your IT teams here.
Antonin Masojidek
Antonin Masojidek
Antonin's (Tonda) responsibility is to connect the product marketing and marketing communications areas. This includes clearly explaining technical subjects to partners and customers as well as researching market information. In his free time he plays the violin in the Musica Rustica band and loves skiing and cycling.
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YSoft SAFEQ Breeze Beta

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