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Say hello to quick, simple, effective project management

Effective cost and time saving enterprise workflow solutions are being sought out by organizations as they look to increasingly streamline and develop their businesses. The selection and deployment of new technology is a costly and time-consuming challenge and execution can easily miss the mark, failing to meet expectations.
Organizations should not have to suffer from costly and frustrating delays or incur budget overspend. You need to realize ROI and experience a successful deployment.
Since 2000, Y Soft has supported the selection and deployment of print management and document service (PMDS) solutions for over 18,000 organizations across the globe. During this time, we identified and responded to the need for a formal process, based on industry-standard ITIL and PRINCE2 best practices, to boost customer satisfaction, before, during and after the deployment. Every customer’s print infrastructure, requirements and expected ROI is different so we established the YSoft Global Operational Excellence® (GOE) Framework, a comprehensive and efficient closed loop project management process, to support customers and our certified partners throughout the decision and deployment experience.

This step-by-step approach ensures a seamless and efficient selection, planning and deployment process that is delivered on time, on budget, minimizing disruption to the day to day operations and ensuring ROI is fully achieved. In fact, after analyzing deployments over the last year, on average, deployments occur 27% faster when using the GOE Framework. Post deployment care offers customers and partners complete peace of mind that their enterprise workflow solution continues to meet expectations.

What is the YSoft GOE Framework?
The GOE Framework consists of a set of procedures, processes and ongoing proactive support.

The Discover phase is where the building blocks of the framework implementation are developed. Creating a bespoke and comprehensive overview of requirements, including operational, functional and financial considerations, ensures that your needs are fully understood. The discovery stage allows us to work with you to build a solution and deployment plan that works you’re your infrastructure, meets current requirements and plans for future growth.

A delivery team, consisting of experts from both Y Soft and the chosen certified partner is assembled in the Design phase. This team creates an architectural and functional design which is often tested in a proof of concept or a pilot proof of concept. Adjustments are made as required, leading to a comprehensive statement of work.

Once the design is approved, the Deploy phase begins where a full deployment and resource plan is produced to support your requirements.

Proactive Care provides ongoing support and monitoring from Y Soft and the partner of the complete infrastructure, ensuring that implementation is not only successful but maintained. Through an online dashboard, Y Soft and its partner can monitor your deployment to identify and pre-empt potential problems and ensure the continuous health of your YSoft SAFEQ implementation.

“When deploying YSoft SAFEQ throughout our headquarters and branches, Y Soft and their partner managed the project extremely well on time and in scope. They understood our needs and goals and delivered the promised value and continue to provide excellent ongoing support through Proactive Care.”

Petr Miskovsky, Head of Client Services, S IT Solutions CZ, s.r.o. for Erste Group Bank

The importance of Y Soft partners
The importance of Y Soft’s partners in realizing an effective and smooth process is key to success. By working closely with our certified partners and using the GOE Framework, we achieve a seamless, fast, cost effective deployment, with minimal disruption to the day to day running of your businesses.

With you every step of the way
At Y Soft, we appreciate the importance of adopting new technology to aid digital transformation without disrupting day to day operations. The YSoft GOE Framework has been designed to help both your and our partners make informed decisions on choosing the right combination of Y Soft solutions while also supporting through deployment as well as ongoing maintenance and support. As a tried and tested Framework, you have complete peace of mind that all objectives will be realized for your print management and document service projects.
Each of our YSoft SAFEQ deployments provides new insights in each of the phases so feedback is brought back into the GOE Framework for continuous improvement. We love to learn and each customer interaction brings a promise of something new.
There are all sorts of IT projects, many with great outcomes and some with not so great outcomes. We’d love to hear your story no matter what kind of project it was. What did you learn from it?
Martin de Martini
Martin de Martini goes by Woodu at Y Soft. He ensures our internal processes make sense across our global offices. In addition, as an innovator and visionary at heart, he sees integration of new and game-changing solutions into established global processes as big fun and a challenge to face. And to broaden his perspective, he also travels to customer sites around the world bringing back the voices of customers to the teams in Prague and Brno.
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