Scan Workflows: For People or Devices?

YSoft SafeQ
Have you ever wondered why YSoft SAFEQ Automated Scan Workflows are assigned to people and not to a multifunction device?
Y Soft is a per-device company – our YSoft SAFEQ licenses are structured that way. So why are scan workflows created for users/groups and not for devices? There are a few reasons and these reasons all fall under a simple answer: it’s all about a simplified user experience.

For example:
  • A scan workflow that routes packing slips received in a warehouse’s shipping department is going to be different than for C.V.s in the HR department
  • A company may have dozens and dozens of scan workflows for different processes

Having to scroll through an MFD menu to find the right workflow is not a good experience. A simpler experience would be to show the user only the workflows they need.

  • We know who the user is because they authenticate.
  • It provides a simpler, more personalized experience
  • The company avoids employees sending documents to the wrong place by accident

Last but not least, customers trust that YSoft SAFEQ will release printed documents to the right owner on any device in the company. Similarly, they can trust SafeQ to present the right workflows to the right people.

Scan workflows are created for people not machines! Here is personalized scan workflow menu for Aaron Carpenter showing only the scan workflows he needs.




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Now With Digital Fax
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