Supporting the resurgence of the fax…yes you heard us right!

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The once popular and business essential, the fax machine, has been discarded by many, in favor of more modern means of communication such as email. Therefore, it may surprise some to know that the fax is still very much in use, (and on the increase) playing an important role in communications.
So, if your organization still uses fax, how do you manage usage and costs? This article explains how YSoft SAFEQ can help.

The future of fax

In June 2017, IDC reported that fax usage is on the increase, with growth to be expected to rise again over the next two years. The fax is seen as a trusted method of secure communication, this along with its wide reach, means that a significant number of customers and suppliers still prefer this mode of information exchange. The benefits that fax offers are outlined in the table below:

Used particularly in sectors such as legal, finance and healthcare, the benefits of fax are critical to operations. And YSoft SAFEQ 6 provides usage reports for fax activity.

Faxing with Y Soft

If desired, access to fax services on any supported multifunction device can be managed so that only authorized staff can use fax services.
On many multifunctional devices, outgoing faxes can be tracked and reports created to monitor costs based on a customer defined price list. This fax accounting feature is currently supported on many multifunctional devices from Konica Minolta, Xerox, Fuji Xerox and Ricoh with other OEM brands/models coming in the future.
Predefined and custom standard management reports provide detailed information about your organization’s incoming and outgoing fax usage. These reports can be broken down by department, team and users, enabling you to monitor and charge accordingly. The figure below illustrates some of the repotting functionality now available via YSoft SAFEQ on fax activity.

Administrators can set up price lists for different types of fax jobs. The price of each job is accounted for accordingly, ensuring accurate cost allocation. This type of price list can be created for cost centers as well. The figure below shows the user friendly interface, making it quick and simple for an administrator to add prices.



At Y Soft, we understand that the fax is an important and invaluable mode of communication for certain industries and countries. This latest update makes tracking and accounting for fax activity more efficient, transparent and easy for administrators. It also reflects our promise to continually develop and offer the fullest range of features to support organizations both today and in the future.

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