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Ondřej “Ondra” Krajíček
Chief Technology Strategist
Some documents need to be printed. Quickly.
That’s a business given and will be for the foreseeable future.  Print management is a significant subset part of the information management that’s essential to every organization, of any size. And, ongoing digital transformation efforts are only increasing its importance. To protect and grow productivity of their employees, companies need control of document content flow and insight into print system utilization and performance.
What is subject to improvement is the hardware and software infrastructure required to manage, sustain and secure print management systems. The new and better way puts physical printers on prem at the business location and secure print, copy and scan-to-email services in a managed, multi-tenant cloud environment. Cloud-based print management delivered as a service means your company doesn’t need to own and maintain print infrastructure.

As with any other cloud-based service, consumption is flexible. Your print management capabilities can grow with your business. If your business is subject to seasonal expansions and contractions - where more print devices are needed at times than at other times, so is your print management bill. However, not all cloud-based print management solutions are created equally.

What about the Edge?

Today, everybody’s talking about the Edge. Everybody—from rocket scientists to race car engineers to health care systems—is moving data processing from the cloud, to the Edge. In fact, Gartner predicts by 2022, as a result of digital business projects, 75% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside the traditional, centralized data center or cloud. An independent survey of SMB IT decision makers also confirmed it.

As the diagram below suggests, the concept itself is simple even though its application can get quite sophisticated.

Edge computing in the print infrastructure context means job processing happens closer to where the print device is rather than in the public cloud. That happens for a couple of compelling reasons. One is speed. The other is security. The trip to the public cloud and back again can be slow—too slow, in some cases, for business critical printing needs or productivity. Sending business-sensitive data on a journey to and from the cloud increases vulnerability to hackers.

Our Edge solution is secure

Whether you attribute the innovation to smarts or luck, Y Soft created an intelligent solution to the hackability of content-in-motion. We developed a lightweight, edge device to live with printer installations at the network’s edge. A virtual machine can also serve as the edge device.

This Edge device is responsible for print job processing on site. Document content remains local, while only the print job’s metadata is transmitted from the Edge to the cloud where it is stored for reporting and analyzing if needed. Your sensitive content never becomes low-hanging fruit for dedicated hackers—and you always have visibility into the performance of your print management system at the network’s edge.

Shared Economy - What the Cloud Enables

Now let’s take a look at cloud infrastructure for print management.

In the cloud, the application -- print management -- provides the underlying system required for print management as a service. The application is shared among multiple companies (called tenants), lowering the cost for each tenant. Each tenant in this multi-tenancy is its own separate and secure entity, as shown above. The cloud services platform also provides security tools and other administrative tools that the application uses to deliver the service.

YSoft SAFEQEdge Core (BETA), a YSoft Labs project, is our first fully hosted, cloud-based solution is designed to put essential print management services within reach of small businesses—as a service. That makes your own capital—human and economic—available to help your company succeed.


Ondřej “Ondra” Krajíček
Ondřej “Ondra” Krajíček
Ondra is Y Soft’s go-to guy when it comes to Information Technology and its potential in Y Soft products and services. He has passion for matching state-of-the-art technology with customer needs, especially when we are speaking about complex qualities: reliability, scalability and availability. Besides that, Ondra loves teaching and tries to spend some of his time as a guest lecturer at his alma mater, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. Ondrej also serves on the board of directors for AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce, Czech Republic) and has worked with the organization for several years.
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