The Office Print Industry at an Inflection Point

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Matej Štefaník
Vice President of Product Management
Y Soft offers a free excerpt of Quocirca's Global Print 2025 second edition report. 

“The print industry is at a critical point where it must build momentum around ‘as-a-service’ IT-centric offerings,” according to the findings of the second edition of Quocirca’s Print 2025 market insight study. Print 2025, The Journey to Digital Reinvention, is a full market study that offers in-depth insight and analysis of the state of print and digital convergence and the views of key stakeholders. 

Y Soft is pleased to provide a complimentary excerpt that contains the executive summary of the report’s findings. 

Back in 2018, when Quocirca published the first edition of the Global Print 2025 study, only 46% of respondents indicated that public, private, or hybrid clouds held their attention. Now, just 20 months later, almost three-quarters of the respondents expected to see growth in cloud-based usage. 

Accordingly, Y Soft is ahead of this curve. When we introduced YSoft SAFEQ 6 in 2016, with its building block architecture, customers began using the private cloud (or a combination of private cloud and on-premise) as their infrastructure choice for print management and document capture. And recently, we announced our beta project called YSoft SAFEQEdge Core, a new cloud-based print management-as-a-service project. 

 “The case for cloud is becoming unstoppable – the costs of implementing and managing a less flexible, fully-owned, one-company platform can be crippling: the benefits of sharing costs across hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of organizations using a shared platform are inescapable,” said Louella Fernandes, Principal Analyst, Quocirca. 

Other key findings of the report include: 

  • 65% of IT decision-makers believe paper will still be relevant to the workplace by 2025, compared to just 36% of office workers  

  • 62% of office workers rank investment in digital collaboration tools as a priority, compared to 45% of IT decision-makers  

  • 58% believe print vendors must become a strategic partner to IT decision-makers and lines-of-business 

  • 49% expect digitization of paper-based processes to be very important to digital transformation initiatives by 2025, compared to 25% today 

  • Reducing environmental impact is now the top challenge associated with the print environment 

Ms. Fernandes continued, “To succeed in this market, vendors must develop deeply strategic relationships with customers to unpick their needs and devise a route to achieving them.”  

Y Soft’s customer-first approach has helped us create strong partnerships with our customers resulting in Y Soft products in use by over 20,000 customers around the world including 42% of the Global Fortune 500 companies. 

Y Soft was a sponsor of this comprehensive industry report, and Quocirca has the full study available for purchase from its research project website www.print2025.com

Matej Štefaník
Matej Štefaník
Matej acts as a connector between customers, partners and development teams. He is a big fan of artificial intelligence and a cooking enthusiast, occasionally baking cakes using secret family recipes.
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