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Adopting Universal Print – 3 boxes to check

YSoft OMNI Series
Product Marketing Director
With any new technology, there are some things to consider. Here are three boxes you may need to tick off.
I am sure you all are excited about the opportunity to move printing to the cloud with Universal Print. Elegant, effortless, and secure. Microsoft hit the spot and Universal Print is truly changing the printing landscape. Businesses want to reduce IT burden and leverage existing investments into Cloud. If your Digital Transformation journey leads through printing, the Universal Print technology from Microsoft is very welcome news.  

With any new technology, there are some things to consider. Here are three boxes you may need to tick off:


1. Total cost of ownership

Until there are many brands/models of Universal Print-enabled printers in the market, one alternative is to use the software connector that Microsoft provides. Another is to use a full print management service. For many small/medium sized businesses, full print management may not be needed.

To use the software connector, it must be hosted on a Windows 10 or Windows Server machine (physical or virtual) on-premise or in the virtual Cloud. This Windows machine needs to be maintained, which increases IT burden and costs – estimated by Quocirca1 to be as much as $4,000 annually per server. The business is back to an expensive on-prem solution and misses the benefits of the cloud. This machine also presents a security threat as it adds another attack surface to the print infrastructure.

2. High availability in locations that need it

For businesses who rely on printed documents for critical business processes, redundancy and fail-over needs to be built in. As high availability is not supported by Universal Print, this may be a blocker. While you can create a server group (remember those server costs!) with an additional server or VM to address high availability, this only doubles the cost, at minimum. Even then, a business may not need high availability in some of their smaller, branch offices.

3. Work from Home

With our shared COVID reality, a large part of a business’ staff will continue to work from home, possibly forever! Supporting secure printing and cost recovery on home printers – whether they are company purchased or not, is now a requirement. How to do this securely and easily is not something Universal Print can solve on its own.


When Microsoft approached Y Soft to solve issue #1, we realized we could solve for #2 and #3 too. We have done this with YSoft OMNI Series.

YSoft OMNI Series™ consists of YSoft OMNI Bridge™ and YSoft OMNI UP365™, one of many apps for OMNI Bridge. With OMNI Bridge and OMNI UP365, any in-market printer – the ones you are using today – can instantly and cost effectively connect to Universal Print features in Microsoft 365.

OMNI Bridge is a much less expensive, serverless device that requires zero maintenance. Simply register the printers to your Microsoft 365 account and print as normal. OMNI Series also solves the work from home scenario.

YSoft OMNI Bridge Serverless Edge Device
An OMNI Bridge in the home LAN can securely print to the home printer or to an in-office printer. Office workers can print to their home printer, and of course, to any in-office printer. All made possible by YSoft OMNI Series and Universal Print.

“YSoft OMNI Series provides these organizations with an elegant solution to take advantage of cloud-based print infrastructure today," said Rani Abdellatif, Sr. Program Manager in charge of Universal Print connector technology at Microsoft.

Thanks Rani, we are glad you like OMNI Series, and that together, we are truly bringing the Future of Print to businesses today.
1 Quocirca, 2020 Cloud Print Services: Ready for Prime Time (complimentary copy available) 
Bruce Leistikow
Bruce Leistikow comes to Y Soft with 25 years Hi-Tech industry experience serving in a variety of roles from software engineering to business related functions including management and marketing. Prior to joining Y Soft’s Marketing team, he served as a Y Soft Solution Consultant designing Print Management architectures for the largest global brands.
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