Cloud: A smart investment, we guarantee it

Matej Štefaník
Vice President of Product Management
Today we kick off our Cloud Guarantee Program. Here’s what it is all about. 

Organizations are moving many business systems to the cloud. And, for good reason. The cost of on-premise servers, particularly the maintenance they need, is untenable. Print services infrastructure are candidates for cloud hosting too. The benefits are lower (or no) IT infrastructure burden, lower costs and a pay-as-you-go subscription service. 

If you are evaluating your print services, you have a lot to think about. (If you are not, you should!) Every business is different and there are many different strategies you could take: public cloud, private cloud or a combination of the two. Some organizations want to combine on-premise and private or public cloud.  

The important consideration is flexibility. What if you want print services on a private cloud with the option to move to a public cloud later? Is the technology you chose for print services on a private cloud wasted when you want to go to a public cloud? Rip and replace? Not with YSoft SafeQ. 

That is why we are announcing the Cloud Guarantee Program. We guarantee that investing in   YSoft SafeQ future proofs your technology investment. As your needs change our integrated workflow solutions platform, powered by YSoft SafeQ, changes along with you. 

How can we guarantee this? 

When we announced YSoft SafeQ 6 in March 2017 as a platform, it was completely rearchitected. We call it our Building Block Architecture. The architecture’s tiers provide flexibility for public cloud, private cloud, on-premise or any combination. 

It’s why we can guarantee that your investment in YSoft SafeQ will adjust if your deployment needs change. That is a pretty powerful thing to be able to say. And we are backing it up with a free cloud-ready assessment. Sign up for it here

IDC has some thoughts about our Cloud-First strategy. Read the IDC Market Note. Y Soft has also made available a new Quocirca report, “Cloud Print Services: Ready For Primetime” which examines how the cloud has transformed traditional Managed Print Services offerings.

As you consider your technology provider options, ask about a technology investment guarantee. We offer it so you can feel secure knowing you’ve chosen a technology provider that understands and can adapt to your needs.  

You might also be interested in our collaborative project with Microsoft on their Microsoft Universal Print technology. Read about our collaboration here.

Matej Štefaník
Matej Štefaník
Matej acts as a connector between customers, partners and development teams. He is a big fan of artificial intelligence and a cooking enthusiast, occasionally baking cakes using secret family recipes.
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