Does saving over $13,000 a year sound good?

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James Turner
Product Marketing Manager, YSoft SAFEQ Breeze
Y Soft offers free industry research that reveals insights on the state of cloud-based printing.  
Let’s get the stats out of the way that prove the potential cost savings:


  • Sixty-six percent of surveyed organizations with more than 1,000 employees maintain 3 or more print servers, on average 3.
  • They spend over $2400 annually to provision each server and another $2000 each for annual running costs.
  • Using 3 servers as the average, this means that each organization spends $13,200 annually just to run print jobs on premise.

It’s no wonder then, that nearly 73% of organizations expect to see an increase in their use of cloud printing.

These statistics and additional insights on the state of cloud-based printing are available in a complimentary copy of Cloud Print Services: Ready for Prime Time, a new research report from Quocirca[1].

Flipping to the cloud isn’t just about costs

In addition to on-premise cost inefficiencies, on-premise infrastructure is complex requiring a lot of IT resources. Your IT staff or out-sourced staff could be working on more strategic initiatives to improve your business processes. Cloud-based printing also offers more flexibility and scalability then on premise.


But not all companies are ready to jump straight into public cloud hosting for print services regardless of these enticing benefits. Rather, they may want, or may need to take a step path journey to public cloud hosting.


One step at a time? Or all in?

What does one step at a time look like? If an organization is on-premise, they may want to transition to partial on-premise and partial private cloud. Or, they may want to go from on-premise to all in on a private cloud.
Or they may want to go from private cloud to all in on public-cloud hosting. Our view is that organizations should understand where they are, where they want to go and how best to get there. In other words, whether you move step by step or go all in, will you have to rip and replace technology? Or should you invest in technology that provides flexibility and adapts with your business needs?

It’s why we recently announced our Cloud Guarantee Program for YSoft SAFEQ. No matter how you wish to deploy print management infrastructure – on-premise, private or public cloud – your technology investment in SafeQ is future proof.

We are happy to provide this complimentary copy of Cloud Print Services: Ready for Prime Time. It’s a good read and includes Quocirca’s buyer recommendations.

[1] March 2020. Quocirca has made a special copy available for Y Soft to distribute to interested customers. The full report adds profiles of other companies who offer cloud based MPS offerings and is available for purchase from Quocirca. https://www.print2025.com/reports/cloud-print-services/.





James Turner
James Turner
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