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Lukáš Maňásek
Chief Sales Officer
In our recent blog series, The Y Soft Way: Customer First, my colleague, Jakub Sýkora, said achieving high levels of customer satisfaction does not happen by coincidence. Here is how we make it happen.
It sounds obvious but if you are happy, we are happy. With that in mind, our service and support portfolio for YSoft SAFEQ is designed to help you succeed in running a smarter and more efficient business.

Jakub mentioned that we offer direct support or indirect support through our partner community. Either way, you have different options so you can choose what level of support you need. But it goes much deeper than that especially when your initial support period is up for renewal.

Here’s why ongoing support and service is a smart choice.

Technology Protection

As an IT expert, you know that the systems you use rely on components from 3rd parties. Whether it be an operating system, Java, PostgreSQL – all these pieces are controlled by other companies. New versions come out, old versions are no longer supported or new security protocols need to be installed. Whatever it is, it impacts the systems you use to run the business.

When these things happen, it can be a nightmare if your systems are not covered by a support contract with a guaranteed level of support. With YSoft SAFEQ support, life is much easier when unexpected technology changes occur. Yes, it is still a drag that software components become obsolete, but what could be a nightmare is avoided because we are here to help with technology protection through software upgrades.

Hardware Compatibility

Nearly every YSoft SAFEQ customer has a need for hardware as part of their print management and document capture system – often times it is card reader to conveniently swipe an ID badge at the printer or at one of our 3D printers. Or, if you have a fleet of mixed brands of printers, an external terminal provides a consistent user experience throughout the company.

When using Y Soft companion hardware and 3D printers, you are guaranteed that they work well together with our software and it is all covered under ONE support contract including warranties and replacements. You won’t experience different vendors blaming each other; any issues are resolved quickly by us.

Business Continuity

Peace of mind that your print systems are enabling your business to run uninterrupted is priceless. When you select your support and SLA levels, you can purchase for multiple years locking in a great rate. And when you are covered, you are eligible for promotional pricing should you decide to add additional features. Lastly, a single support license makes life easier for you: less headaches with ordering, budgeting and managing contracts.

We are transparent with what we offer – our customers find that refreshing. Business support should be no different than what you would expect as a consumer; you have a right to know what you are getting for your money.

You can read more about what we offer in this document, Renewing Your YSoft SAFEQ Support. It outlines in more detail our service and support portfolio.

Whether you are new to the Y Soft family or renewing, it is good to have you with us. Any of our Regional Sales Managers in your area are happy to discuss our support and service levels further with you.
Lukáš Maňásek
Lukáš Maňásek
Lukas Manasek is the Chief Sales Officer at Y Soft. This means he travels a lot to take care of our sales people, our customers and partners. He usually runs marathons in the cities he visits. Say hello if you see him at the airport or out running.
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