Managing change the Y Soft Way

Organizations are continually changing and adapting to gain a competitive advantage. Any change must be managed, and your print environment is no different. In this article we look at how you can implement changes to your print infrastructure in a managed and smooth way.

Managing Changes

The time to think about managing a change in your print services with staff and employees is from the very beginning of the project. Managing change involves many different elements within an organization. Change initiatives can flounder due to a lack of expertise, change fatigue, insufficient preparation and communication, and the absence of organizational buy-in. Deployment of new technology is a common change management challenge and it is vital to get it right to encourage adoption and realize the benefits the technology offers.

Y Soft’s Framework for Managing Change

Change management entails thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation, and at the heart of it, is ensuring you consult and involve those who will be impacted by the change. With years of expertise in managing smooth transitions for managed print services, Y Soft has experienced firsthand the importance of a well thought through and executed change management plan. Helping customers manage change is part of our Global Operational Excellence™ (GOE) Framework.

GOE is a comprehensive, project management service used by Y Soft and our certified partners for implementation of our world-class YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Solutions Platform. The framework consists of a set of procedures, processes and ongoing support, intentionally created to support our customers and partners to manage change. Keeping your requirements and success factors at the heart of deployment, the Framework helps to minimize disruption, providing expert change management and ensuring a smooth deployment.

Planning for change

Managing a smooth and successful change is critical to organizational productivity. It is important to have a thorough plan flowing through initial planning, design, employee engagement and communication, training and support, implementation and finally post change support. Below are Y Soft’s five recommended steps to support change management.


  1. Planning and design – Setting out clear requirements and objectives starts with operational, functional, and financial considerations and how each will be met and fully understood. The ‘Discovery’ and ‘Design’ phases in GOE ensure that the project is fully scoped out and customizations meet the requirements. The Framework ensures that you, our reseller partner and Y Soft staff are in aligned.
  2. Ongoing communication – At the heart of your change will be your staff and your company’s print services users. A communication plan will inform, empower, and inspire employees to embrace the change, and avoids misunderstandings.
  3. Education and training – By using workshops, training and other methods, you can support your employees in the adoption of new technology. Y Soft offers a wealth of flexible training programs so that your print services support staff has the knowledge that they require. Our levels of training are specifically designed to support various job roles. From guides for users requiring knowledge of basic functionality to senior personnel responsible for overall print strategy, we have you covered.
  4. Review – During an implementation, requirements may evolve, and as part of the GOE ‘Deployment’ phase, these criteria are continuously reviewed to ensure that everything is aligned. Progress and any changes are reported.
  5. Ongoing support – Implementing your new printing solution is just the start of the journey. Through our training, helpdesk and eUniversity for our Partners, we can continue to offer a range of support.

Go, go, GOE

The entire Y Soft Enterprise Workflow Platform has been created to help organizations run smooth and smart, while increasing efficiency. Working closely with our partners to manage change, we aim to avoid costly and time-consuming challenges or delays. We want our customers to have peace of mind and a straightforward and transparent implementation process.
The Global Operational Excellence Framework sets us apart from our competitors so we can make your change a smooth one. We believe that as a print services provider, our role is to manage the changes to your print infrastructure, making them as smooth as possible, allowing you to concentrate on your real business.
Find out more about our print services and the GOE Framework.


Zdeněk Soukup
Zdeněk Soukup
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