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Teaching from home: YSoft BE3D Academy

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With the world changing by the minute, many industries are adapting to working from home. This sudden change has been swiftly forced on many, including educators. In this article, we look at how YSoft BE3D Academy supports both teachers and students in the new normal of remote teaching.

A whole new world

Across the globe, educators have faced many challenges as a result of the global pandemic. The traditional classroom has had to adapt to online classes and may never be the same. Adapting to this change has seen an increased use of technology to support remote teaching. Educators have the added challenge of developing and delivering their lessons plans through a screen while keeping their students engaged.

Is learning in 3D online possible?

3D printing has gained momentum in education, as 3D printing supports teaching of the critical STEAM subjects. Using a 3D printer is a great way to inspire the inventors and creative thinkers of the future. Bringing complex subjects to life, 3D printing helps students to develop key skills, such as problem-solving, communication and research. Our BE3D eDee 3D printing solution is designed specifically for use in education and is perfect for the classroom, as it is safe and easy to use.
With 3D printers located in academic institutions and students at home, how can remote teaching utilize 3D printing? It turns out that physical distance does not mean that you cannot continue to teach using 3D technology when you have a free resource like BE3D Academy.    

Make it easy

Even during normal in-person classrooms, coming up with 3D printing materials, lessons and plans can be difficult and time consuming. Having spoken to educators around the globe, remote and socially distanced teaching is an even larger challenge. Schools are telling us that as educators scrambled to develop lessons that could be delivered online, BE3D Academy became a resource for teachers in many different subject areas.
BE3D Academy is an online collection of ISTE compliant 3D lesson plans designed for educators. Every 3D lesson plan brings STEAM subject matters to life through lesson plans and teaching aids, including 3D model files, videos, student worksheets, and presentations to introduce projects to students. It’s all online and available to both teachers and students.

The resources available in BE3D Academy enable educators to build lesson plans which can be delivered remotely. Students can develop their own 3D modelling skills from a home environment using the large range of free resources and platforms. Easy to use lesson materials means that educating in 3D can continue from home. Additionally, premium lessons are available to YSoft BE3D eDee customers and those who purchase our EDU bundle.

Plugging the resource gaps identified by teachers, BE3D Academy was there to help. Even those teachers who have never used a 3D printer before are now able to run remote 3D lessons. Students can send their completed model files to be printed on the eDee printer in the classroom by the teacher and teachers can allow students to pick up the files later or send them to their student's homes.

Future ready

Investing in 3D printing not only prepares your school for future learning but it provides an additional resource. A change from in classroom to online shouldn’t mean less of a learning experience for your students. Teaching remotely with BE3D Academy is investing not only in your students’ future, but the future of education, even in the strangest of situations.

To find out more about how you can use BE3D Academy resources as a remote teaching tool, visit BE3D Academy today.
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