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The Y Soft Way: Customer First Approach

We usually use our blog to discuss hot topics, share product information and provide guidance. In this article, we cover something a little different. This is the first article in a series, looking at our customer first approach, what it means to us and how we live it. 

Here at Y Soft we are obsessed with our customers. You come first, and this ethos lies at the heart of our culture, innovation and everything we do.  

Customer obsessed 

The Y Soft story of innovation and problem solving originated from the desire to meet customer needs and to help businesses run smarter. Our products and services have all been developed under our customer first mindset. We have always made every effort to meet customer specific requirements and to provide the best possible experience.  

Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, from our partners through to business users. With over 20,000 customers, we provide support, personalization, innovation and attention to detail. The Y Soft Customer First Approach is important and it permeates everything we do, from the why to the how. 

Don’t just take our word for it though. Our Y Soft partner support and customer care consistently meet the highest demands from partners and customers around the world. Anyone can say the customer comes first, but at Y Soft we regularly measure our performance and customer satisfaction, from reviewing SLA compliance, receiving excellent reviews after each support interaction, providing customized service and monitoring customer renewals. These are just a handful of ways we track our Customer First Approach and ensure both partner and customer satisfaction remain high. 

Customer culture 

We strive to identify what our customers want, and do all we can to fulfil these needs, wants, pain points. Our customers have open dialogue with us because it is important to us to not only have good relationships but also to remain in touch with what our customers need from us. We work closely with customers and partners to design and improve our solutions to ensure they work for all. Taking pride in our customer-care and after-sales service is a natural element of our customer focus. For us, putting the customer first isn’t our strategy, it’s our culture. 

In practice, we intentionally nurture and develop customers relationships from first contract through to fully understanding requirements and expectations and advising on the most suitable SLA to meet those needs. One example of our customer culture in action, is our use of time zones. We know that your critical business processes need to work well to keep your business humming along efficiently. When assistance is needed, you don’t want to wait until someone in another time zone wakes up. That is why Y Soft Service and Support (CSS) staff are located around the world, awake and working when you are, in your time zone, in your language.  

Y Soft in action 

While our Customer First Approach exists in every part of our business, there are some key customer facing areas that this blog series will discuss. We hope it illustrates how the customer remains at the heart of what we do. In subsequent blog articles we will cover these areas: 

Customer Focused Free Trials – We believe that you should be able to try before you buy, that is why we offer free no-obligation trials of modules, suites or the complete YSoft SAFEQ enterprise solution.    

Customer Focused Products – Our products are designed and sold to ensure that you only pay for what you need, and our customer focused subscription and module-based solutions ensure that both budget and requirement expectations are achieved.  

GOE Operational Excellence™ Framework – The Y Soft GOE Framework has been designed to ensure expert project management and a smooth deployment while achieving customer’s project goals and ROI, without budget overruns and costly delays.   

Customer Focused SLAs and Support – Our SLAs are designed to provide the right level of support in line with customer budget requirements  Our ongoing support protects your investment and ensures your print environment quickly adapts to change without interruption.   

It’s all about you 

Every aspect of our processes and solutions are centered around our Customer First Approach. Every element of what we do; our very first meeting, our no-obligation trials, flexible and transparent contracts, deployment strategy and our customer focused SLA offerings, we balance the needs, wants and concerns of our customers. You are in control, and because of our strong Customer First culture, we like it that way.  

To find out more about the Y Soft Customer First approach in these key customer facing areas, please see the following articles in this series: 

Customer Focused Trials

Customer Focused Contracts

GOE Framework  (coming soon) 

Customer Focused SLAs (coming soon) 

Barry Löwer

Barry leads Y Soft’s global sales team and devotes all his energy to direct and enable his team to help partners and customers solve problems that others don’t think could be solved. He enjoys that he and his team meet with so many people, hear their stories and learn about the technologies, processes and practices they use. Outside of his job too, he stays drawn to the technology trends that are significantly impacting the economy and our lives. According to Barry, what is great about sales is that you’re never done learning and can use these learnings to influence and impact others.

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