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The Y Soft Way: Customer Focused SLAs & Support

SVP, Customer Support Services
We firmly believe that our customers should be central to all of our activities, products and processes. This series of articles sets out our customer first approach. In this article we examine the final of our four pillars: SLAs and support.  

What does Customer First mean to Y Soft? 

At the heart of everything we do are our customers. A customer first approach is in our DNA. The YSoft SafeQ print management solution is built to help organizations run smarter and increase efficiency. We work tirelessly to build successful long-term relationships with our customers and partners. We are transparent, clearly specifying what our customers can expect from the service we provide, delivering products and services in a timely manner, within agreed timeframes and budgets.  

Reviewing the needs of our customers is important to us, and we like to gather feedback to check the effectiveness of our service delivery and identify opportunities for improvement.  

Customer First from day one  

Our customer first approach is apparent from our initial meeting and beyond. From letting you try before you buy with our no-obligation flexible free trials, to offering flexible subscriptions and contracts. Using our GOE Framework we seamlessly and smoothly install YSoft SafeQ, so that your organization realizes the benefits and ROI quickly.  So now let’s focus on SLAs and Support. 

You come first - Implementation and beyond 

At Y Soft, we appreciate that your business is having to continually adapt, including your print management environment. From server updates, security revisions or changing company locations and growth, your print infrastructure environment does not stand still. That’s one reason we believe in maintaining relationships, sticking around and being there when you need us. Our ongoing support protects your investment and ensures your print environment quickly adapts to change without interruption.  

In addition to keeping your YSoft SafeQ system current with the latest updates and new versions and to protect your business-critical print services, we offer a variety of service level agreements (SLAs). Having spent time with our customers, we’ve tweaked our offerings and, unlike our competitors, only our engineers deal with support requests. This means that customers receive a quick resolution directly from the experts. We don’t simply rely on a workaround to fix an issue. If we find a problem with the product we fix it quickly and then update our product so all of our customers have complete peace of mind that our products are continually improving. 

SLAs to suit your business needs & budget 

Our SLAs are designed to provide the right level of support in line with your business and budget requirements. We have a choice of four SLAs to provide complete flexibility, and you choose whether you want the SLA directly with Y Soft or indirectly, through one of our certified partners.  

Our SLAs are always calculated based on the number of connected devices in the deployment, so you only pay for what you need. The four levels of global SLA support are: Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  

Basic: This includes the use of the Y Soft Portal for Customer Related issues. We guarantee response and solution times for all reported incidents. It also covers the use of updates and newer software versions released for the license connected with the service. 

Silver: In addition to the benefits of the Bronze package, our Silver SLA package response times are faster, and includes guaranteed support for future device models and future versions of operating systems. We also have a guaranteed repair time for hardware alongside access to the Proactive Care Dashboard.

Gold: Building on the Silver package, this SLA level has the additional benefits of faster guaranteed response and solution times for reported incidents. 

Platinum: Our top tier of support features the fastest guaranteed response times as well as repair on hardware. A 24/7 hotline for handling customer emergencies is available. 


Satisfaction guaranteed 

When assistance is needed, you don’t want to wait until someone in another time zone wakes up. That is why Y Soft Partner Support and Customer Care staff are located around the world, awake and working when you are, in your time zone.  

We want our customers to succeed and to run smarter and more efficient organizations. Part of this is ensuring that you are satisfied with the software and service. Y Soft partner support and customer care consistently meets the highest demands from both our partners and customers around the world. Achieving high levels of customer satisfaction is not a coincidence, and our SLA compliance and guarantees support this.  

Giving you the ongoing support as well as the flexibility to pick and choose the cover which best suits your needs is another example of our customer first culture. To find out more about our SLA levels or Customer First, please contact a Y Soft certified partner or contact us to speak to a Y Soft service representative in your area. 

Further information about our SLAs can be found on our website. More details about our Customer First Approach is included in the other articles in this series: 


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Jakub Sýkora
Jakub leads a global Customer Support Services team of senior technicians, solution consultants and architects. Members of his team are responsible for end to end service delivery – starting with detail solution design, continuing with deployment and trainings through to post-sales technical support. His continuous focus is on alignment of the long term departmental strategy with the needs and requirements of our partners and customers while reflecting the latest customer care trends in technologies and processes. In his spare time, Jakub enjoys ice-hockey (from the sofa), rock’n’roll and cooking with one strict rule: there should be some alcohol in every food and in every cook!
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