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The Y Soft Way: Customer Focused Trials

Vice President, Sales Operations and Support
The Y Soft Customer First Approach is evident in everything we do. In this series of articles, we look at our customer centric culture and environment. This article looks at one particular element - YSoft SAFEQ trial licenses.

Up close and personal with YSoft SAFEQ

YSoft SAFEQ is our flagship print management and document capture solution. It is a world-class enterprise print management suite with modular solutions enabling organizations to take control of their print environment, reduce costs, increase document security and compliance, enhance office productivity, and minimize the environmental impact of printing. Created around the needs of the customer, YSoft SAFEQ provides complete access and control, helping organizations run smarter and more efficiently, regardless of the size or location.
Since our customer first approach is at the core of everything we do, we don’t believe you should blindly sign up to something without trying it out first-hand to see if it is the right fit for your organization.

Try before you buy

Since organizations are all so different, it follows that their needs are also different. It is important for us to work with our partners to meet business customers’ needs and having a no obligation free trial evaluation period is a great way to do this.
Our culture and core values are centered around one key ethos: exceed expectations with an open, honest, energetic and enthusiastic approach. Offering a free trial allows us to demonstrate our values but it offers a lot more than this.
For many, a free trial is the starting point for the four customer-first areas this blog series will cover.


Customer focused trial

YSoft SAFEQ trial licenses offer a full demonstration in order to carry out a fair and true evaluation in your own environment. The trial licenses cover up to 50 devices (25 with embedded terminal and 25 without embedded terminal), without cap, limit or obligation.
Length: Our no-obligation free trials range from a standard 30-day period, and may be extended as needed, up to 6 months. In our experience, this length of time has proved to be the most effective for assessing suitability of the product for organizations.
Package:  Y Soft provides the free trial of the complete YSoft SAFEQ Enterprise Suite solution or any of the modules so you can choose the right package for your needs.
Support: All YSoft SAFEQ 6 trial licenses are covered by our own internal OLA (Operation Level Agreement) service level. This means that we will attempt to proactively provide faster response and solution times for incidents which may occur while using the trial licenses. We treat incidents alongside businesses under our usual SLA, with priority incident response levels. To give a true representation of our solutions, we offer our usual technical support throughout the trial including a direct email contact to answer any licensing questions.

Give it a go

Following on from the customized free trial, we have customer focused contracts where you only pay for what you need. This is discussed in more detail in the next article in this series. Every aspect of our processes is centered on our Customer First Approach. From our very first meeting, no-obligation trials, flexible and transparent contracts, deployment strategy and our customer focused SLA offerings, we always look to balance the needs, wants and concerns of our customers.

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Tomáš Vašíček
Tomáš leads a team of specialists who take care of our partners’ and inside sales' business needs by providing licensing, business models, contracts, anlaysis and reporting, business tools and overall support to help them launch new Y Soft products and support existinging products. He is passionate about connecting Y Soft global sales through communication and service. Tomáš enjoys traveling to meet with and listen to partners and customers for ways to improve. He enjoys playing table tennis and chess, taking mountain walks or working with his two sons in the garden.
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