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The Y Soft Way: Global Operational Excellence™ Framework

Here at Y Soft we follow a customer first approach; we believe that our customers should be central to everything that we do. Our approach is built on four key pillars, which are discussed in this series of articles. This article takes a closer look at the third pillar, our Global Operational Excellence™ (GOE) Framework.
The YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Solutions Platform is built to help organizations run smarter and increase efficiency. We want our customers to have peace of mind and a straightforward and transparent implementation process. Our customer first approach flows through from our initial meeting and beyond.

Smooth and seamless

Deployment of new technology can be a costly and time-consuming challenge, and unfortunately, execution can regularly miss the mark, not deliver on expected ROI or simply fails – it has too often become the norm. We wanted to protect office productivity and remove ‘normal’ budget overruns and delays. Drawing on our many years of experience, expertise, and global best practices, we developed the Global Operational Excellence™ (GOE) Framework, which is used by Y Soft and our certified partners. Supporting customers through understanding the need, designing the right solution and then deploying it, as well as ongoing maintenance and support, the Framework puts the customer first.

Y Soft’s GOE is a comprehensive, project management service for seamlessly implementing the world-class YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Solutions Platform.
Organizations should not have to suffer from costly and frustrating delays or incur budget overspend. Instead they need to realize their ROI and experience a smooth and successful deployment of software. The set of procedures, processes and ongoing proactive support has been designed to help both customers and partners throughout the relationship. The Framework helps us to keep your requirements and success factors at the heart of deployment. Minimizing disruption, assuring you of expert project management and a smooth deployment can all be carried out while achieving your project goals, on time and on budget. We have found that deployments occur 27% faster by using our GOE Framework.

Closing the loop

This comprehensive and efficient closed loop project management process enables smooth solution deployment and aftercare. The four phases of GOE are: Discover, Design, Deploy and Proactive Care. The ongoing monitoring and analysis via an online dashboard, where results and changes are looped back to Discover, closes the loop.

Discover A bespoke and comprehensive overview of requirements is created, including operational, functional and financial considerations, ensuring the customers’ needs are understood. This often includes functional, operational and financial considerations. The customer’s infrastructure is evaluated, and potential solution architectures are discussed. The Framework includes tools and documents that guide the teams through this important phase.

Design – The project is fully scoped out and customizations, if requested, are designed. The result is a final architectural and functional design that can be tested in a proof of concept or a piloted proof of concept. The tools and documents in this phase ensure that all steps are taken, and outcomes are agreed upon. No likes an unexpected ‘surprises’.

Deploy – We produce a full deployment and resource plan to support the implementation for IT which includes resource scheduling and environmental readiness, and for employees, a change communications plan. As well as operational and functional reporting, the criteria is continuously reviewed to ensure that everything is aligned as agreed. Customers know exactly what will happen and when. Once deployed and with customer satisfaction, the final action is to initiate Proactive Care.
Proactive Care – Ongoing support and monitoring from Y Soft partners ensures that implementation is successful and maintained.
Through the Proactive Care dashboard that Y Soft hosts, our certified partners can provide additional proactive support and services by monitoring your print system and performing health checks on the operation, as well as incident reporting. Potential issues can be identified and resolved before they become a problem in a customer’s print environment. Such ongoing system monitoring and analysis ensures the long-term success of the deployment. An optional Proactive Care Agent can provide even more information and nearly real-time, statuses of your system.
“With the GOE Framework, Y Soft is becoming more involved in the selling, implementation, and ongoing life cycle of its solutions. The process keeps the project moving, avoiding communication delays and misunderstandings while giving the partners the right tools to support the customers, and customers the assurance that they are receiving the goals agreed upon.” IDC Flash 2016

The importance of partners in realizing an effective and smooth deployment is the key to success. Excellent expert project management skills are vital, and the GOE Framework enables Y Soft to work closely with our partners to achieve a seamless, fast and cost effective end-to-end process which enables day to day business to stay on track with the minimum amount of disruption.

Peace of mind

We want organizations to make informed decisions and choose the right solutions to meet their needs. Therefore every element of our products and processes have been designed with customers in mind. Our customer first GOE Framework ensures a smooth and seamless software deployment with an ongoing support and monitoring system for peace of mind.  
Further information about the GOE Framework and YSoft Proactive Care can be found on our website. More details about the Y Soft Customer First approach is included in the other articles in this series:
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