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Top 5 Questions When Moving to the Cloud | How to Scale

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Moving your printing to the cloud? There are some key questions to ask your solution provider before you make the move. Continuing our Top 5 Questions series, this article looks at how to ensure cloud-based print infrastructure services can scale without costs increasing exponentially.

Planning ahead

It’s easy to see the many benefits of cloud-based printing: eliminating the burden on IT to maintain print services and lowered costs are compelling reasons for most businesses. Saying goodbye to your print servers is an exciting proposition. However, finding the right cloud print solution for your business is a considered decision.
What you need today will most likely not be what you need in the future; organizations don’t stay still. The needs of your company will inevitably change, and you don’t want to be stuck with a cloud print solution a few years down the road. Growth should be positive for a business, but if your cloud-based print solution is rigid and doesn’t adapt to your changes, it could end up being a negative and expensive decision.

Instant (nearly) cloud printing

With the exciting news from Microsoft about Universal Print coming to Microsoft 365, the burden of managing print servers and print drivers on premise goes away. However, your existing printers are likely not Universal Print compatible. As a small/medium sized business, the questions to ask here are, what are my options if I want to take advantage of cloud printing through Microsoft 365 now without buying a new fleet of multifunction devices (there will be few new printer models out that are compatible)? And if there is a solution for my existing printers, will it scale as my business needs grow?
The good news is that there is a solution and we built it at Microsoft’s request. It’s called YSoft OMNI Series. Learn about it here. In short, through a serverless device on premise, it connects your existing printers to the cloud and with the OMNI UP365 app (cleverly named for Universal Print in Microsoft 365), your printers are connected to the Universal Print technology that Microsoft has baked into Microsoft 365 to manage all the print drivers and print servers. Additional OMNI Apps will support a variety of print related features you’ll be interested in as your business grows.
For larger organizations who are interested in loads of features that help you with mobile printing, rules-based printing, pull-printing and reporting of print activity with centralized management, a cloud-based print management solution is needed.

Future proofing your print management solution

For larger organizations who have or are looking into a full print management solution, adding cloud server capacity to your service can be done easily. But it is the print management application sitting on those servers that becomes the issue. Can the print management’s software scale easily and cost effectively?
To answer that, be sure to understand the architecture of the print management software. Ask how it can scale to accommodate sudden growth through acquisitions or organically at headquarters, or for new branch offices that may be in different countries. Will you be paying for features you don’t need in some locations because the print management solution is such that it is all or nothing? Or, can you pay only for the services you need where you need it? In other words, can you control your costs as you grow?
Here’s how the YSoft SAFEQ cloud print management solution addresses these questions.

YSoft SAFEQ Cloud architecture

YSoft SAFEQ Cloud is our family of print management and hosted infrastructure services. We have two services: YSoft SAFEQ CloudPro, typically for the enterprise with reserved hosting; and YSoft SAFEQ Breeze, typically for small/medium businesses that has a shared hosting structure.
Both services use YSoft SAFEQ underlying technology which has a tiered architecture. We call it a Building Block architecture because you can add tiers and services as you need it where you need it. If you have your headquarters in the US, for example, and branch offices in Europe and South America, you may not need the same print management services in Europe and South America as you do in the US.
With our building block architecture, the print management services in the public hosting datacenter supporting the US can be different than in the datacenter that supports offices you have in different locations. You won’t be paying to have software services you don’t need simply because the software provider only offers an all or nothing solution.

Cloud guarantee

We want our customers to find the best cloud-based solution for them. It’s why we offer a cloud guarantee program. This program helps customers understand their options for cloud print services, and find the right solution, for today and the future. Offering a free cloud-readiness assessment, we ensure that your print infrastructure technology investment is protected. A business may want to start with OMNI Series and gradually add applications or move to a more structured cloud print management solution such as one of our YSoft SAFEQ Cloud services.

Plan today and for the future

Whether you just want cloud printing and infrastructure in the cloud or want full print management and infrastructure in the cloud, understanding the right questions to ask has never been more important. A good solution can be scaled according to changing operating needs, but a great solution also keeps your costs in check. Nobody can predict the future, but our customers can rest assured that they have the best cloud print solution for them and are only paying for what they need today, while being ready for whatever the future might hold.
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