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Universal Print: Y Soft Bridges the Gap

YSoft OMNI Series
Product Marketing Director
Universal Print technology from Microsoft assists companies in moving print services to the cloud. Cloud based print services reduce IT burden and provide many other cost saving benefits. But what do you do if your existing print fleet is not Universal Print compatible? 
Universal Print, which moves key Windows Server print functionality to the Microsoft 365 cloud, means you no longer need on-premise print servers, cloud server instances or need to manage printer drivers, a long-standing burden on IT resources. But what if your current printers are not Universal Print enabled? It will be some time before printers come onto the market en masse. How can you harness the power of Universal Print today?
Microsoft recognizes that Universal Print enabled printers do not exist today and has provided a software connector. However, this requires a Windows 10 or Windows Server machine (physical or virtual), and therefore, undermines the benefit of less IT burden to maintain the print infrastructure. For this reason, Microsoft asked for Y Soft’s assistance to enable today’s printers – the ones you have invested in already – to work with Universal Print.

Problem solved – YSoft OMNI Series

In the current economic climate, we want to help our customers work smarter while saving money and helping you be more sustainable. This means getting more value out of your existing printers. So, when Microsoft asked Y Soft to help, we saw the opportunity to put our hardware and software experience to work building an enabler for today’s printers to be compatible with Universal Print. In other words, to bridge the long gap between today’s printers and tomorrow’s Universal Print enabled printers.
The solution we developed is called YSoft OMNI Series™. It consists of YSoft OMNI Bridge™, a serverless Edge device and YSoft OMNI Apps™. The first OMNI App is YSoft OMNI UP365™. With OMNI Bridge and the OMNI UP365 app, you can connect your existing printers to your Microsoft 365 subscription and access the benefits of Universal Print – instantly, cost effectively, and without any IT know how.
YSoft OMNI Series is suitable for any existing networked printer. It does not require print management software. (If you do use our print management solution already then you do not need OMNI Series; YSoft SAFEQ technology has Universal Print capabilities.)
How is the YSoft OMNI Bridge device different from others? Sooner or later, many vendors will offer some kind of a box, claiming Edge computing support and capabilities. Y Soft is uniquely positioned to deliver a truly integrated solution. We have our own hardware and software engineering, as well as manufacturing facilities. After all, when you are buying a new car, it comes assembled and tested from the vendor. Your dealer does not do the assembly for you.
YSoft OMNI Bridge is a true serverless Edge device. It provides manageability from the cloud, security beyond simple encryption, including reduced attack surfaces and a HW-accelerated secure enclave, just like your smart phone. A true Edge device is much more than a Linux or Windows server disguised as a box.

How it works

Since Universal Print is all about simplifying printer deployment and making life easier for IT, we have echoed this sentiment and made OMNI Bridge user-friendly and simple to set up. In fact, it takes seconds to plug it in and connecting printers is easy. OMNI Bridge with OmniUP365 comes in three distinct flavors, supporting 1, 5 or 25 printers.
Once OMNI Bridge is installed and printers are registered, there is no maintenance for IT and no new learning curve for users. There is no need for any additional software or management, and printing can be done from any Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS, Linux or Unix clients. We are a Microsoft Gold-certified ISV which means we work closely with Microsoft so OMNI Bridge and the OMNI UP365 app work seamlessly with Universal Print.
When adding your first printer, OMNI Bridge’s LED blue color display turns green to indicate a printer is connected; the display panel indicates how many printers are connected. Multiple OMNI Bridge devices can be grouped providing failover and redundancy when high availability is needed in areas of your business that have critical business print requirements. 

Other than having to discover/select a new Universal Print queue, your employees will print as they always have.

There’s an app for that

As part of YSoft OMNI Series, we have YSoft OMNI Apps. As mentioned, our first OMNI App is OMNI UP365 which connects your printers to Universal Print technology from Microsoft.
OMNI Apps are software subscriptions that provide additional functionality for users and the overall print infrastructure. OMNI Apps are downloadable and managed in the Cloud. As a subscription, you can add and remove Apps as needed.

Breathe new life into today’s printers

With OMNI Series, you don’t have to wait for Universal Print enabled printers to come onto the market. When they do, you may not be prepared to invest in new printers at that time. With OMNI Series, you can harness the benefit of Universal Print right away with an elegant and cost-effective solution. OMNI Series enables you to get more value out of your existing printers saving your budget, the environment, and with the benefits of Universal Print, saving some valuable IT time.
Learn more about YSoft OMNI Series and sign up to find out about availability in your country. 
Bruce Leistikow
Bruce Leistikow comes to Y Soft with 25 years Hi-Tech industry experience serving in a variety of roles from software engineering to business related functions including management and marketing. Prior to joining Y Soft’s Marketing team, he served as a Y Soft Solution Consultant designing Print Management architectures for the largest global brands.
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